One of our favorite Aussie swimwear companies has released a really awesome new print. Sluggers have a new camo. It’s not the traditional or the digital camp. It’s their own interpretation of the print. It’s actually pretty damn cool.

It’s a green print camo that is more abstract than anything. It’s for the camo lover and the guy who may not be 100% on board with camo. I think there will be plenty of guys who are not keen on the print normally, to give this one a try. As you can see it’s one of the more unique ways that camo has been presented. I tip my hat to Sluggers.

This pair is as always available in Classic, Deetees and Racer styles. All their styles come in these, and if you aren’t sure which style you should get, the Sluggers site will help you determine it. They suggest that us US Blokes get the Deetees. But, I say explore your options and try them all!

Check out the new pair at Sluggers site!

Pair: Sluggers Camo
Color: Print
Fabric: High Clo elastane
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: All three styles are $35.71 (with current exchange rate)


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