Men’s leggings or runners or tights have been taking off the last few years. More guys are wearing them to work out and be active. But did you know there is a whole line of them that are more on the fun side? They border on fetishwear. One company fully versed in super fun gear is BodyAware. They have the new Sports mesh Leggings. 

Right away when I say mesh a few of you guys say “I’m out.” But there are plenty more who go, “tell me more.” BodyAware has a great way to mix masculine and feminine. This pair is one that firmly fits in that camp. It looks more like a mermaid man to me, especially the blue pair.

The material is not mesh but it sorta see through. Don’t worry your business will be covered. It has a built-in pouch that will give you support, but not shows off everything. You technically wear them to a gym but these appear to be more playtime gear. That being said I know we have readers who would wear them easily to the gym.

The last thing you should know is it comes in two different colors. The colors are black and Teal. Right now the black is sold out. One thing about BodyAware that is frustrating to me is you have to get it right away or it could be sold out. I think this is more of a popularity thing than low stock.

Pair: BodyAware Sports Mesh Leggings
Color: Black or Teal
Fabric:80% nylon/20% spandex
Sizes: Small – 2X-Large
Price: $34.99


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