If you love fetish wear one thing that is a must-have is a jockstrap. You could go old school and have the thick band and make it very classic. Or you could go the new modern direction, which is the way Maskulo designs gear. Just for a note that neither is wrong it just depends on your style. The Youngero jock is an awesome jock!

Maskulo presents the new set of fetish underwear! Jockstraps with brand new mesh codpiece made of 2 layers of mesh: an upper layer of 3D mesh creates attractive shape, an inner layer of thin colored mesh is soft and breathable keeping men’s body parts in comfort. Shiny black leather-looking spandex draws attention expanding your masculinity around. Combine with the harnesses, masks, and armbands to get a complete look. Perfect for male striptease or exotic dance performance. Backless jockstraps rear coquettishly shows your soft spots to the one you allow to!

Another thing I love about Maskulo is that you can wear the pieces as solo items or you can pair them up with other items in the line. If you’re on a budget this is something that is welcome!

One more thing to note that the collection is made in Russia. If you order directly from them it will take a little while for it to get to you. You can find it in the states if you look around. The last thing is they make larger sizes!! If you’re like me on the bigger end of the scale you will find something to fit!

Get this pair from the Maskulo site

Pair: Maskulo Younngero Jockstrap
Color: Red, Yellow, or Blue
Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
Sizes: 2X-Small – 5-XLarge
Price: $46.90


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