In football, Tailback is a position in the rear but gear up in Cellblock 13’s new football inspired collection and you’ll be on top. The whole collection of jockstraps, shorts (with built in jock pouch), sexy crop tops and tank tops is the epitome of sports fetish gear made with a ridiculously soft, partially see-through and conveniently air-conditioned sports mesh that you’re going to love. The short even has a secret feature (but more on that below). Here’s the details:

Cellblock 13 Tailback Jockstrap: It has a double-walled contoured pouch made of sports mesh. It’s an incredible fabric to have cradling your boys. With contrasting side wings and piping edging the pouch. The waistband is a sturdy, super plushed high-thread-count woven elastic with a make-a-statement CELLBLOCK 13 in a collegiate font front and center. Even the leg straps get Cellblock 13’s magic touch: they’re super-plushed with embossed with repeating CELLBLOCK 13.

Cellblock 13 Tailback Mesh Short (with jock pouch): Don’t think it’s just a good looking and sexy and short sports short, this one has a secret weapon: a built in but detachable inside suspended jock pouch. The pouch serves two purposes: The first is to hold your boys and keep them in place during a workout and the second is to lift your boys up so you are prominently bulging in those shorts. The other feature we love: you can unsnap the jock pouch and go commando and hang free and because it’s mesh, the shorts then become a bit revealing.

Celllblock 13 Tailback Tank Top: Finish off the Tailback look with the matching Celllblock 13 Tailback Tank Top. With huge front collegiate font “13” front and center. Made entirely of the above mentioned sports mesh so It’s form-fitting, contours nicely to the body and makes your arms pop! In a solid color with contrasting edging detailing and a crew neck.

Cellblock 13 Tailback Crop Top: Alternatively, chose the crop top to hit the Tailback look home. The hot weather is coming so this short shirt will keep you cool with the added bonus of showing off that body you’ve worked so hard on. Cut short and exposing your abs plus the sports mesh will also showcase your chest and arms. It also looks amazing teamed up with a pair of jeans.————Tailback comes in three colors: black, blue or burgundy. It’s perfect for the gym, party, club or pride event. The whole collection is VERY affordable especially considering level of craftsmanship, style and detailing Cellblock 13 packs into every piece.

Be sure to check out the entire collection over at our website featuring our brand new model Luc and returning model Andrew showing off in all the new gear. And yes, we managed to snap some gratuitous full-frontal shots for all our pervy fan’s enjoyment. You’re welcome.CLICK HERE FOR CELLBLOCK 13

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