Do you love string bikinis/tangas? If you answered yet, we have a treat for you with the new Rufskin Calkini. They have created 4 designs that equal a banana split when grouped together!

The colors are:

  • Yellow is the Banana
  • Pink is the Stawberry
  • Brown is Chocolate
  • White is whipped cream

You maybe wondering why this pair is being called a Banana Split. Well this is because of the back yoke and contoured front pouch keep all your sweets in the cup without the feeling of being split. Some skimpy swimwear can make things fall out at the most embarassing time. You can bet that Rufskin will have you covered (pun intended).

They sell each one of these seperately, so you can buy your favorite color. Which each one retails for $48.00. Or you can buy the Banana Split pack with all four for $144.00, which is 1/4 off. If you get all, you can wear them one at a time or mix and match them at the same time.

Check out this super skimpy pair of swim and pick up one or all them. Sold at the Rufskin site.


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