For those who don’t know what is Broadway Care’s and what do they do? 

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS is one of the largest non-profits in the country that raises money to provide meals, medical care, counseling, and emergency financial assistance to men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses

You have been a costume designer for Broadway Bares before, how did you get involved with the organization? 

In college, my now best friend would have me intern/assist for him on the show so I would come up from the south for a couple weeks in June to work on it with him. Once I moved to NYC, I started doing the show on my own. This will be my 7th year designing for it. 

What are some of your favorite designs you have created for the show?

A few years ago I designed and made a fully sequined jacket for my lead strip and he had 3 women walk up to him and pulled it and his pants off of him in one motion like the snap of a finger. The audience went wild-it was pretty phenomenal. A clip of the reveal is on my Instagram @matthewc.hampton. 

Why is it important to support Broadway Cares? (Both monetarily and support)? 

It’s important to support them because they are one of the largest organizations in the country and world that does outreach, fundraising, and advocacy work for people living with HIV/AIDS. To me, it feels as though the end of the AIDS stigma is within reach. So many scientific advancements have been made in recent history and it’s our job to continue the fight to end the thing that took the lives of so many people before us. One of the things we regularly say at BC/EFA is: “What we do together makes a difference” and it could not be more true

You are doing a fundraiser, how can people support the organization and you? 

If you don’t live in NYC, monetary donations are the biggest help. I’m currently participating in our online fundraiser called “Strip-a-thon” and all of the money donated via my online page goes straight to BCEFA. Here’s the link:

If people can’t get to NYC for the show how can they support the organization through out the year?

Starting different fundraisers in their communities across the country is one-way people help raise awareness and money for the organization. Here’s a link to their website with info about how to help in your community:


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