We asked and you guys answered. We asked if you guys have been wearing swim briefs and where you have been wearing them. Here are the results:

Those who responded wear them either all the time or occasionally. Only about 10% don’t wear them. I should have asked if you don’t, do you wear swim thongs. Because there are guys who don’t like swim briefs who love thongs.

We all can’t be models or have model bodies. So when we asked if you’re an average guy. 82% of you said you were average when almost 8% said you could be a model.

I like to ask this question because the face of underwear and swimwear is changing. It’s not longer a “gay” thing to like underwear. We have a lot of straight and bi readers, who are amazing, that love underwear. So I was curious how many would love swim briefs.

I have been wearing swim briefs since my late teens and it’s cool to see how long people have been wearing them. It seems we have quite a few new guys wearing them! Which is awesome!

Here are some of the things you guys said about swim briefs:

Why do you wear swim briefs? 
always very sexy
Beautiful, sexy, maximum tan body
Because when I’m in the pool I’m swimming for exercise, and really, what else would you wear for that?
Cause I love to be seen, and because there are really confortable for swim
Comfort is #1. Then there is the feel of them. And lastly it’s that..”uh yeah I’m wearing a swim brief you prude”. 
Comfort, quick drying, grew up with then
Comfort, sexy look & tan
Comfort, support, look
comfort. ease of packing 
Comfort. Sex appeal
comfortable, beautiful, sexy and eye-catching
Comfortable, confidence booster 
Comfortable, drys quick, better tan
Detest all other styles of underwear
dorck shorts are uncool
Easy, comfortable in my hot tub
Feel great and look sexy.
Feels sexy in them 
Fit and how my assets look
I don’t like the tan lines board shorts or trunks leave. I wear brief or bikini underwear. Swim briefs leave a tan line that matches my underwear line. I don’t like that odd tan line board shorts or trunks leave on your legs.
I don’t but I want to
I just love (swim) briefs
I just started wearing them at home
I like both the feel and the look, especially for proper swimming 
I like the feel and support. Also, give great tan lines even if you do not do very tanning.
I like the way they look on me and I wear skimpy underwear normally so too much material feels weird 
I love briefs in general so why not wear swim briefs at the pool!
I love how they feel.
I love the look, the feel, the comfort, and how they make me feel
I’ve worn them since I was in my teens and swim shorts are just not comfortable.
Less fabric when swimming 
Like you, the support is better, they dry so much faster, but most importantly I feel sexier in them. And since they’re still very rare, I like to feel like I’m not following the crowd. 
Love the cut
Mainly because I like the “speedo tan line” better than a board shorts tanline with white thighs. 
Makes my behind look nice
More comfortable 
Never did before but if girls can wear bikinis why can’t guys wear swim briefs
Quick drying, during sports more movement because of the less fabric and less resistance , tanning during private time. And of course they are damn sexy
Streamlines the swim, no drag from loose boxer style
Stremlining, closet feel to the water,
Super comfy, sexy, and the most practical for swimming and playing in water.
tan lines are incredibly sexy. show off the hard work ive put into the gym
Tan lines, support, and shorts have way too much fabric.
The cut and sexy look it gives 
The exact same reason Tim wears swim briefs. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
The feel good, move well in the water, look better than anything else, and I feel sexy to myself.
They are comfortable and make much more sense that swim trunks
They are more comfortable, have better support, and highlight my assets. 
They are sexy, comfortable and you get nice tanlines
They look good
They look good
They make me feel sexy
They make me feel sexy.
They’re sexy
They’re sexy
To attract gay men
To show body & have a good tanline
To show off my bulge and ass

We then asked do you face any challenges wearing them:

Lastly, have you faced any challenges wearing swim briefs in public, if you have let us know. 
1 or 2 episodes of harassment — but I’m usually very indifferent to bystanders’ comment,
A couple of strange looks, but usually I get comments like “I wish I had the confidence to wear that”
Being poked fun at by friends. 
Body shame
Felt like a beached whale when I was heavy for a decade, thankfully I didn’t live anywhere with lakes or beaches at the time. 
have no problem with that, I’m always in the brief
I don’t appreciate the strange looks you get with swim briefs in most places if you don’t have a “model’s body.” 
I had no such problems.
I have never been brave enough to wear them in public.
I have not faced any challenges yet. 
I haven’t yet
I know I would, but the next swimsuit I’m gonna buy has to be a swim brief
I leave others to do what they like, I simply don’t care
I pretty much wear them at gay pool parties or gay friendly pools only
I sometimes get weird looks from women, but usually thumbs up from men. Otherwise, I’ve had no issues.
I was dismissed from a college pool in California! To have access again I had to wear dorck shorts!
I wear them lap swimming no problems. I sometimes wear a swim thong at the beach, also no problems.
I’m usually “that guy” but I never care about the looks I get.
I’ll wear them depending on situations but in general no. A few snears and laughs but most of the time nothing.
I’m a bit scared 
I’m very nervous about it
I’m very nervous about it
Just not a fan of the swim brief fit. I feel like I’m always adjusting, and having wedgies. 
Living in North American, it seen as a no no.
Most don’t
My wife isn’t the biggest fan
Never. No one has ever commented on my swim briefs. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing! I think most of the challenges people who wear or want to wear swim briefs have is in their own heads.
No ‘till now, maybe one or two people seeing with a lot of attention, but nobody told anything…
No. The last year only compliments about the funny prints. Therefore some jokes of friends, but I turned one of them to swim boxers in stead boardshorts during swimming. 
none so far.
None what so ever
None. But it helps to have a muscular body.
Nope. Even in my beefy state,what others think is not my problem, they are the ones thinking it. It’s their own hang up that they need to deal with. Tits are everywhere in Europe, in newspapers, magazines and most beaches. It’s only Puritan western culture that takes issue with them. That same Puritan mentally is why people are afraid of the brief. 
Nope. I get looks but who cares.
not in public
Not yet
Public judgement
Social acceptance in smaller situations. Always wear on vacation
Some jealous stares from other people
Sometimes feels awkward in heavily populated areas
The biggest challenge is building up the confidance to wear them and not let the looks and/or remarks other guys are saying.
They feel revealing, which can be awkward at times as you can feel quite exposed, but it’s also quite liberating. 
Wife doesn’t really like me to wear them most places

If you answered the survey or didn’t leave comments about your findings of the survey


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. I like swim briefs but I a large guy needing 42-44 waist. Do have any leads as to where I can get larger sizes?

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