One of the biggest joys I have is bringing you guys new brands on the market. One area that is growing fast is leggings or meggings. Which are leggings for men. More and more guys are wearing them and finding out who amazingly comfy they are to work out in!

However, there is a group of guys that haven’t tried them yet or wore shorts over them to avoid the VPL. I know some of you guys don’t care, but there is a group of guys who don’t want to show off to everyone. So you can either put the shorts over or go without. Well, that changes with Matador Meggings. They have a technology that hides the VPL. But there are a few more reasons to buy these.

Matador has the elimination of the VLP, but they also have a pocket in the side that is perfect or your phone or keys. Because if you’re out for a run or running errands you can always use a pocket. Lastly, they have a loop in the back to put your shirt in, which is genius. If you’re running or being super active, you can take off your shirt and not lose it or forget it.

This is a bit about the brand from the brand:

Matador Meggings has redefined the concept of the men’s leggings. With a hyper-engineered fit created by a world-class designers, we tailored them to fit you like a glove at every muscle and hem. We perfected our style with thoughtfully designed details that cover all the elements required for fitness and fun.

They are a very cool company, we have reached out to them and hope to have an interview soon. In the mean time check out their meggins and shirts at the Matador Meggings site.


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