Great news! For all you guys dying to get your hands on the best-selling and long discontinued Cellblock 13 Sonic Harness and Jock Pouches, well, Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh is here and it’s a re-imagined Sonic. Still with a gravity defying jock pouch and matching harness but this version is made with a unique sturdy textured poly/spandex mesh fabric and it’s slightly cheaper in price. Here’s the details:

Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh Harness: Designed to show off your back and your chest. Wear it with the matching Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh Jock Pouch, any other CB13 jock with D-rings or or simply hook it up to your belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans. It Consists of a series of one and half inch wide straps in mesh with stretchy end pieces for a perfect fit. The straps are made with the echo mesh fabric and edged with black piping for visual effect.

In back, criss-cross straps run between your shoulder blades all joined by a large black metal ring. Straps run from the back ring, both over the shoulders and under the armpits to join up with two more rings . Finally, one inch straps run from the armpit rings down your body looping around to two black metal swivel hooks and snap back unto itself. Between the natural stretch of the end pieces and the three sizing snaps on each front strap you can be assured a perfect fit.

Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh Jock Pouch: With a formed contoured pouch and made with the stunning textured mesh. It’s minimal and potentially revealing. Piping not only adds a visual punch but ends up highlighting and drawing all eyes to your bulge.

Defying gravity: Although this “jock” has leg straps, there’s no waistband to keep it all secure but don’t worry, just attach the Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh Harness to keep it from falling down around your ankles (unless of course that’s what you want). The leg straps are one inch wide and made of a heavy duty elastic in black with repeating Cellblock 13 woven into it. Both straps are split by two black metal rings which not only look good but provide a place to hook up a harnesses’ swivel snap hooks.

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