Before we get in to what influences you guys we have two last things to finish up with! The first or issues you have with undies, the second is do you wear more than one pair of undies a day.

The top issue you guys have is Sizing issues. followed by Labels/Tags. These two seem to constantly switch first place. Followed by pouch too big and pricing. It’s always interesting to see what is bothering you this year!

Almost a third of you wear more than one pair a day. A little over a third is a maybe, meaning they may wear more than one pair, which I should have changed to sometimes. And a third of you say you don’t. Here are some of the answers

after gym
After the gym, I switch into a new pair of underwear. 
After yard work out sweaty work.
Different activities
Different pairs for work, gym, home
different pairs for working out vs. normal wear
Different pairs to work, sleep, gym 
Fresh pair for the gym, Fresh pair for rest of the day.
I change my underwear every time I change cloth or finish workout
I do sports once a day so I change undies after
I wear 1 pair of underwear to work and change after work.
If i.go out at. Night
If I’ve been exercising or sometimes I fancy a change
On days I go to the gym, I always put on a fresh pair after showering.
One for work and one for home
Only if I’ve had to shower or there’s a certain reason for a pair
start off in thong after shower and then eventually change into bikini/brief/trunk for bed
Support for work comfort for home
Usually determined by heat or sweating concerns
Usually I choose mine by whats going on like work, going out, tanning day,pool parties. 
When I go to the Gym. 
When i take a shower during daytime
Working out, change for something more appropriate to my apparel 

There will be more tomorrow


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