By definition, a “suspensory” is a fabric pouch for supporting the scrotum, on a band around the hips, designed specifically for guys after testicular operations. Well, GBGB has taken this traditional medical gear and taken it to a whole new sexy, pervy and stylish level. Not only do you get a jockstrap that treats your balls just right, but it also puts your dick out on display and as an added bonus – gets you bulging to perfection when you wear it under your favorite pair of jeans or light fabric shorts.

Our customers love their pervy gear and they love these suspensories, so now with with these new colors you can perv out in style. Here’s more details:

The main feature of this suspensory jockstrap is of course the pouch that cradles your balls. It’s made from the same ultra-soft ribbed knit fabric as GBGB’s sports jockstraps – a fabric that feels amazing with a natural stretch due to the ribbing. The pouch is suspended from the waistband with reinforced canvas strips on each side leaving a space for your dick to hang out freely.

Includes a one inch-wide elastic waistband that keep the pouch supported and one inch-wide elastic leg straps to give the pouch even more support with the added bonus of the straps framing your ass to perfection.

Joining the original black and white suspensory jocks, we now have them in navy-blue, red and yellow. Be sure to check out all our uncensored photos of our model Romeo Davis in the new suspensory jocks over at our website.



One of our most popular products was the Flarico 6 Inch Waistband Duribilknit Athletic Supporter, an athletic supporter with a full 6 inch wide sturdy waistband with extra support sticks to flatten the tummy. When Flarico closed up shop in 2016 we went looking for a replacement – and boy did we find one! This control jock is far superior in design, quality, function, comfort and looks.

Welcome to the GBGB Tummy Control Jockstrap.

For guys who want both genital and abdomen support then this jockstrap is for you. It has GBGB’s signature soft ribbed knit pouch they use in all their sports jocks with one inch wide comfort leg straps. But, the waistband design is where it’s at: It’s a full 8 inches wide made with neoprene `so you know it’s super-soft against your skin but it’s super-tough too. The best part is, there’s a large patch of Velcro on one end of the waistband so you can wrap the waistband around your waist and attach the end wherever you want – making the waistband as tight (or loose) as you want, depending on how much tummy control you desire. The blue waistband is edged with black piping for a fully finished look.

Seriously, this design is well-made, sturdy, comfortable and exactly what you need to look your best under your clothing.


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