It looks like GX3 is discontinuing these insanely hot harnesses so we bought up what we could – and the shipment just arrived.

Full disclosure: GX3 calls this the 3-Way Harness but after getting our hands on it, we think they’re selling it short. We found at least five different ways to wear it and a few of them are extremely fun (i.e. dirty!) so we renamed it the 5-Way Harness.

It truly is the most versatile harness we’ve come across, made with a variety of soft and slick looking two-toned neoprene rubber straps with multiple sizing snaps on each end. They’re all joined up with metal rings with some configurations having the down strap(s) secured to your dick and balls via a ring. As a bonus, in a few configurations, you can use one of the smaller straps hooked up in a loop with a metal ring to form a matching muscle armband.

With every strap having a series of snaps on each end, the harness is fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit in every direction. Another bonus: You can replace the detachable cockring with your own if you have a favorite.

The above graphic shows the many ways you can wear the 5-Way Harness.


We’ve been busy! Along with the GX3 shipment, we also received restocks on the following:

Original Bike Jockstraps by Meyer: If you’re looking for the next best thing to a Bike Jockstrap then why not a Meyer jock? We’ve got both #10 Jockstraps in black, white, blue, gold and red but also all the more modern Performance Jockstraps (swimmer and 2 inch). These are about as close as you’re going to get to a Bike Jock, everything is the same except a stylized MM (for Meyer Marketing) replaces the Bike logo. Meyer was the European distributor for Bike and had direct contact with the official Bike factory so when Bike stopped producing jockstraps in 2016, Meyer called up the Bike factory and got them to produce Bike jocks for them.

Raw Studio Cockrings: We can’t keep these in stock. We guess everyone is staying at home and getting off online and cockrings are part of the stay at home fun. We’ve got rings (and contraptions) for everyone – from adjustable leather cockrings with snaps or velcro to some of the slickest modern elasticated fabric or silicone rubber ones. There’s too many to mention so just head over to our Raw Studio page to check them all out – just be warned, there’s a ton of full-on full-frontal photos beyond the link below.

Cellblock 13 Tight Ends Jocks: We also just received a shipment of Tight End Jocks. In case you don’t know, these are CB13’s modern take on a classic jockstrap – but in 12 incredible color choices. They’re now available in black, white, red, royal-blue, navy-blue, grey, army-green, hot-pink, lime-green, purple, yellow and my personal favorite… orange. The only sizes we don’t have in a few colors are xxlarge and that’s only because Cellblock 13 didn’t have any to send us.

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