Who let the dogs out? Quick, give them a bone(r) with the latest Cellblock 13 Kennel Club gear. Gear up in all these new puppy-centric jockstraps, harnesses, singlets with matching face masks and you’ll be ready for your next play date. Whether you’re into puppy play or not, this is some of the hottest gear going.

Kennel Club Cadet Jockstrap:

By far, one of the slickest looking jocks from the minds of Cellblock 13. And this jock not only looks good but it feels good too. With a pouch made of super-soft and stretchy fabric that clings to your bulge showing off every nook and cranny. The pouch is black with single wide vertical contrasting sport stripe down the center and contrasting piping edging it. It’s visually stunning.

The waistband is equally awesome – it’s 2 inches wide and made with brushed elastic. With a base color of black with contrasting horizontal sports stripes in turquoise running through it. With the iconic Charcoen puppy graphic in rubber front and center.

Kennel Club Scout Harness:

This is one slick puppy! It’s an upper body stand-alone harness consisting of a series of form-fitting brushed elastic bands with black and contrasting color racing stripes. The straps areall joined together with pliable black rubber O-rings, two in front and one in back. Designed to perfectly showcase your chest and back. Also with the iconic Charcoen puppy graphic in rubber front and center.

Kennel Club Scout Zipper Wrestling Singlets:

Get ready for some four-on-the-floor raunchy puppy action. These wrestling singlets are made from a stretchy, tight-fitting nylon, polyester & spandex fabric that clings to your body perfectly, there will be no hiding what you’ve got whether your soft or rock hard. With a scoop neckline, solid front in either pink, red, turquoise or grey with modern graphic design detailing on the sides. With an extra-large iconic puppy graphic by Charcoen front and center.

In the rear, it’s solid dark-grey from neck to ass with a handy functional zipper. Open it up for complete access and perfect for all you pups with tails. Ideal for mosh pits, wrestling and hot fetish play.


Be sure to check out our dirty pup model Chance taking Kennel Club for a romp over at our website. Just be warned, Chance is a dirty boy and our photos capture it all, so try not to view them at work or at your Grandma’s house.

* Because of supply issues on their end (Covid related), Cellblock 13 didn’t have any red harnesses in size xlarge, blue harnesses in sizes large and xlarge or white harnesses is size xlarge to send us for our launch. They now have them and they’re on their way. We expect to have them on Monday or Tuesday.

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