Cellblock 13 is back with a new take on their long gone but best selling Sonic fetish gear. Like Sonic, X-back features Cellblock 13’s signature gravity defying Jock Pouch and a sexy harness with a unique X back design (hence the name). It’s a harness designed not only to accent your lats and deltoids but also give your partner something to hold on to when he’s taking you for a ride! Giddyup! Both pouch and harness include reflective highlight strips to get you noticed.

Cellblock 13 X-back Jock Pouch: The contoured pouch (or codpiece) consists of a an outer layer of perforated black mesh and single vertical sports stripe with reflective highlight strips between them. An colored inner layer is crazy-soft and feels great against your boys and shows through holes of outer mesh fabric. Finally, the entire pouch is edged in piping to lend structure and provide the perfect fit.

The unique jock pouch is like a jockstrap without a waistband with two leg straps of elastic on each side that are joined by a metal ring. You connect a harness to the rings to keep the pouch from falling down around your ankles (unless that’s the desired effect you want!)

Cellblock 13 X-back Harness: The harness consists of a series of straps made up of black mesh edged in piping with reflective highlight strips between them. Black metal rings join the straps. In back, the straps form an X with two connecting straps traveling over the shoulders and two traveling under the armpits both joined by more rings up front. Two black elastic straps (with repeating embossed Cellblock 13) head down to metal swivel clips to hook up to the matching Cellblock 13 X-Back Jock Pouch or to your favorite pair of jeans or shorts with belt loops.

The elastic down straps length can be adjusted via a series of snaps. The elastic, the adjustable snaps and natural stretch of the main straps ensure the perfect fit.



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