Cellblock 13 is not being subtle with the name of this gear. With Flasher, you’ll be unsnapping that pouch and giving everyone a view to remember – a silicone Jock Armour cockring and your junk sticking out of it.

With its stunning masculine lines, Flasher compliments your body to perfection. Made with a series of high-quality, soft, stretchy neoprene rubber straps with a V shape pointing to the goods both front and back. In front, “the goods” would be your crotch covered by the removable cup (cod piece). In back, “the goods” would be that bubble butt of yours – the V ends in a single down strap that disappears between your ass cheeks. Above the V is a stunning diamond back detail that will make you stand out.

You’re also going to love this: the neoprene straps have an ultra-soft backing which feels amazing against your skin.

The super-contoured pouch is made with a combination of solid and perforated neoprene panels with contrasting piping and edged with a thin line of white. As mentioned above, the pouch snaps off to reveal a Jock Armour silicone cockring. Hint: Be sure to give the removed pouch to your partner so he can inhale all that man musk.

To ensure the perfect fit, besides being stretchy, the back strap is adjustable via a series of four sizing snaps.


It drove us crazy: Launching a fetish short as hot as the Locker Gear Massive Rude 2-Way Zipper Shorts without being able to show all you guys how dirty and exposing these shorts are. We’re Jockstrap Central after all, that’s what we do! Unfortunately, we’re still in lock down and can’t shoot models so we had to launch with Locker Gear’s photos and these designers just don’t know how to show off their products. I mean, why bother putting zippers in a short without at least having your model demonstrate how they work?

Well, problem solved! We sent our dirty boy-next-door model Chance a pair of shorts and asked him to take some photos and boy did he not disappoint. He got his partner to take the photos while he demonstrated how you can expose either the front, the back or both with the 2-way zipper that runs all the way from the front, down around the crotch and up the back. I only wish we got the photos of what happened after that shoot. Be sure to revisit the Zipper Shorts to see Chance bare all.

Here’s more details on these sexy shorts:

It doesn’t get much sluttier than this. These shorts are all about options with a handy zipper running from front to back. You just have the all-important decision to make whether you’re playing the role of top, bottom or you’re the meat in the middle of a three-way sandwich. Who says you can’t have it all? Either unzip the zipper in front exposing your boys, unzip the zipper in back exposing just your ass or unzip it all for full-frontal and rear exposure.

Made of a slick, shiny and stretchy leather-look PVC material bonded to an ultra-soft inner layer (the part that rubs up against your skin). The sides have two sports stripes in a stunning black micro-mesh with handy V-slits at the bottom for enhanced movement.

The waistband is elastic covered with the PVC fabric mentioned above with nice thick drawstrings to keep things secure.

Shop at Jockstrap Central. Note this post contains an affiliate link.


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