How did the pandemic disturb your life and have you managed to find balance?

I think that, like the majority, at the beginning with fear and uncertainties (both economic and social) the balance is temporary, there is always something that disturbs us or something that encourages us, it helped me a lot to read, meditate and observe the things of a neutral point of view … 

Originality and Authenticity we all say it’s important but hard to be; do you self-assess and keep it real?

I think the important thing is to be oneself, and then there are people who will say if we are more or less original and authentic … for my part I think that being oneself we are both 

There’s a lot of talk for inclusion and diversity everywhere what do you think needs to be done in your country?

As in all countries … stop judging and be happy without preventing the next person from being happy too… 

Do you believe in Utopia – what do you do to leave this world a better place?

Yes, I believe, knowing that it is a process that takes a long time … let’s say to create awareness in the care of our body, both in training and in food…

What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?

The look!!! Fundamental!! and with a good smile that accompanies it, and well the physique always attracts, in my opinion, a trained body always brings a plus 

What is the one thing a. you do, b. having (item) & c. a person you really love?

I believe that honesty, trust in the partner is essential … the rest can be talked about 

We all need a win this year what is yours?

Like every year, being a better person … the rest is accompanied 

What do you want others remember you by? Your legacy so to speak for future generations

Legacy…? I do not know … but to be remembered as someone honest who gives good vibes, and grateful, we always have to be thankful, after all we are still alive and we have the possibility to improve or change things that do not seem to us 

What is beauty to you? Is it important to appreciate it?

It is a subjective appreciation that awakens something inside us … be it a person’s body, their way of being, an animal or nature itself! And yes of course it is always important to appreciate it and share it

Are you that guy that buys anything new and innovative?

No!!! Zero … although sometimes I indulge myself haha 

Communicating with ourselves and others is hard. Are you a direct person or do you use sideways to get there?

There are people with whom you can be more direct than with others, and take sides so that it can be digested better, not bad… 

What’s your harbor, your Ithaca?

Now continue to grow, knowing places and people that contribute positive things to me … after a while I will think better of it, but I like the idea of ending up in front of the beach with a partner and why not with children … but I repeat , that will be seen later hahaha


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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