WHAT A MESH! NEW BRUTO MESH JOCKS, BRIEFS AND THONGS at Jockstrap Central (Note post contains an affiliate sales link).

What a Mesh! The hot weather is here so be sure to snag a jockstrap, thong or brief from Bruto with built-in air conditioning. While onlookers will be getting all hot and horny with the view of your boys being partially exposed, you’ll be nice and cool with the wind tickling your balls through mesh fabric. Here’s the details.

The Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter has two fun features. The most obvious is the sexy mesh fabric that’s pretty much see-through leaving very little to the imagination. But that’s not all – the pouch is designed with a second half pouch inside (also of mesh) that acts like a pouch for your boys. It ingeniously lifts up your package and pushes it out while filling out the pouch and allowing your junk to become even more visible. Hot!

The Bruto Hot Mesh Thong has a prime view from both the front and the back In front, the contoured mesh pouch is VERY see-through. In back, the view is slick and streamlined with a tapering strap starting at the waistband and traveling down and disappearing between the crevice between your ass cheeks.

The Bruto Sport Mesh Jockstrap or Brief is all about the tease. The contoured pouch is made from a deliciously soft sports mesh which is partially see-through. The basic rule of thumb is light colored skin shows more with a black pouch and dark colored skin shows more through a white pouch, so choose the color (white or black) based on your confidence!

Between the contouring of the pouch and the decent amount of four-way stretch, this pouch should accommodate most average guys comfortably. If you’ve got more going on down there then you’ll be packing it in – but that in itself could be fun and the bulging, impressive.

The waistband of the Sports Mesh Jock is nice and wide with the iconic Bruto Bear logo front and center whereas the brief’s waistband is a bit narrower has has a slick rubber BRUTO logo patch.

Along with these new mesh jocks, thongs and briefs, we also just introduced new Bear-centric jockstraps and briefs this past Wednesday. If you missed Wednesday’s newsletter you should definitely check them out.

Bruto by Estevez is exclusive to Jockstrap Central in North America. All jocks, briefs and thongs come in size Small all the way up to XXlarge (waist size 28 inches up to 44 inches).


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