Harness your inner deviant with Cellblock 13’s latest and arguably hottest collection yet for 2021. It’s actually inspired by Rogue, one of CB13’s most popular collections from a few years back except this time they’ve upped the ante by making the new collection more stylish with the addition of reflective detailing and also sexier with the addition of a functional zipper in the jockstraps – hence the name of this new collection: Rogue X (or as we’re calling it, Rogue XXX).

Here’s the details:

The Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap is a true homage to the original Rogue Jockstrap with the addition of the above mentioned reflective detailing and functional zipper. It’s a classic Cellblock 13 design that’s quality all the way. With a main pouch color and upper reflective corners divided by black piping that matches the piping edging the pouch. And then there’s the zipper: Running all the way down the pouch with a protective backing to ensure your tackle doesn’t get caught when you’re called into action.

The waistband is equally awesome. It’s a full two inches wide and it’s plushed for added comfort. With large front and center CELLBLOCK 13 woven right into the band so onlookers know what they’re getting into when they mess with you. And one final touch that set CB13 apart from the rest – the one inch wide leg straps are subtly embossed with a repeating Cellblock 13 logo. Just wow!

Versatile. That’s the best way to describe The Rogue X Neoprene Reflective Harness. Consisting of a series of neoprene straps made with a stunning textured neoprene (rubber) and edged in contrasting piping with a center reflective stripe running along all the straps. Shoulder straps attach to two large black metal rings both in front and back. Straps run between the rings both across your shoulder blades and across your chest. More straps hook up to another rings under each armpit.

But here’s where things get versatile: vertical straps snap on to the armpit rings and run down the front ending in two black swivel hooks. You can hook these up to any CB13 jock with D rings (like the Rogue X Jockstrap) or you can hook them up to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans. You can even remove the down straps for a stand-alone harness to wear with anything you like.

Finally, the harness length is adjustable using a series of sizing snaps.



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