We wrap up the week with another N2N Bodywear picture. Yeah, I’m a little biased, but I love them and their gear! It’s always amazing. I hope you enjoyed this series with extra commentary. In years past, I have run pics of previous years. But never went into depth on the shows. This year I have recorded a podcast while at the show and back in my room. My reflections of the event and the past, present, and future of the shows and undies/swimwear.

I won’t spoil the podcast for you guys; you’ll have to listen. And I’m doing this ahead of editing the show, but there were only a handful of brands and only 2 I needed to see. There were very few smaller brands, and with Covid, many brands outside the US may still be on lockdown or not be vaccinated yet. This definitely limits travel cause I know I would not be going to Vegas if I wasn’t vaccinated. I really wanted to see Cocksox, Gregg Homme, and more, but they aren’t at the show.

You may ask, will I still go to shows? Yeah, I will at least till February. Vegas is a city I LOVE. This trip will be exciting. On the last trip in Feb 2020, a month before COVID, I was in the hospital for a hypertensive crisis and had the worst trip ever. This trip will be masked, hand sanitizer, and trying to avoid a breakthrough case of COVID. On the upside, I will meet a few of my friends and some new friends from the podcast. So that will be amazing.

I have always wanted to do something for you guys to show off more new undies. I am always toying with ideas, and the main thing comes down to cost. Much of what I want to do will cost big money, and I don’t have big money. I have a few ideas for the future with my video skills.


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