Tim, Andy, and Erik are on the show to talk about how GQ/Men’s health magazines always include super basic undies in their top 10 lists for underwear. We think they are playing it too safe and anytime you get underwear in anything larger than a 3 pack you’re in trouble. 

We also are starting the UNB Concierge service where you tell us what you are after and we’ll find you underwear that matches your needs. We are sure between the three of use we can find what you love. 

Here is a link to the Bodysuit from Underwear I was talking about – https://www.underwearnewsbriefs.com/2014/05/style-brief-extreme-master-bodysuit-from-undergear/ I forgot I wrote it up on UNB and it was 2014 not the early 2000’s. 

Looking for new Lingerie here is the German company that Tim was talking about.  https://www.spitzenjunge.de

Here is the top 20 list that Andy was referring in the podcast –  https://www.gq.com/story/best-underwear-for-men 

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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