We have a quick hit from the UNB Reader Survey. This time it’s about Gymwear. The chart above we have been asking for a few years on the survey. We are almost at 50% of guys who don’t wear shorts over your runners/tights. This has come a long way since we first asked this question. I think we had something like 30% who didn’t. Next year I hope we are over the 50% mark.

We are always curious as to what you guys spend on gear. I know gym wear costs more than undies. well as a general rule. Some of it can be downright expensive. That is over $100 apiece for pants, and sweats. Most of you spend a reasonable amount on gym gear.

We cut a lot of this out of the survey so there isn’t much in the gym wear. I hope to expand this section next year and cut some more out of the other parts of the survey.


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