We start a UNB Tradition that will be yearly. That tradition is the Secret Santa gift Exchange. Each guy bought a pair of underwear or swimwear for another guy. Each guy was drawn at random and then mailed the gear. The receiving guy was told not to open it till the show. 

Here are the pairs that were given to each guy. We started with Chris and then each guy who gave the undies or gear revealed what they received. 


JOR Pocker Bikin I – Wine – https://www.unbstore.com/products/jor-1359-bikini-wine?_pos=1&_sid=0e0a4c5a9&_ss=r 

Doreanse Logo Thong – https://www.unbstore.com/products/doreanse-1369-prn-thongs-printed?_pos=1&_sid=cb4d3595b&_ss=r


MCE Palm Dreams Thong – https://mcecreations.store/products/copy-of-palm-dreams-mce-thong

MCE Pride Prism Jock – https://mcecreations.store/products/pride-prism-mce-jock 


Skull & Bones Burnout Thong – Green – https://skullandbones.com/products/skull-and-bones-burnout-thong-green

Skull & Bones Burnout Jock – Black – https://skullandbones.com/products/paisley-burnout-jock-black 


Male Basics Classic Fetish Jock 3 inches – Royal – https://www.unbstore.com/collections/malebasics/products/malebasics-mbl107-jockstrap-royal 

Male Basics Classic Fetish Jock 3 inches – Red – https://www.unbstore.com/collections/malebasics/products/malebasics-mbl107-jockstrap-red 


Speedo Movement Swim Brief – Link TBA


Jack Adams Naked FIt Brief – https://www.jackadamsusa.com/naked-fit-brief/

Jack Adams Bikini Brief – https://www.jackadamsusa.com/jackadams-bikini-brief/

Jack Adams Bikini Thong – https://www.jackadamsusa.com/bikini-thong/ 


Skinzwear Stuffit Pouch Thong – https://skinzwear.com/product_detail.php?prodID=15218&name=Stuffit-Pouch-Thong-in-Black-tricot-nylon-lycra

Skinzwear Bikini Brief Swimsuit – https://skinzwear.com/product_detail.php?prodID=15087&name=Bikini-Brief-Swimsuit-in-String-Theory 


Skull & Bones Sport Mesh thong – Pink Blue – https://skullandbones.com/products/sport-mesh-thong-pink-blue

Skull & Bones Pink Tartan Plaid Thong – https://skullandbones.com/products/pink-plaid-thong 


JOR  College Thongs – Petrol – https://www.unbstore.com/products/jor-1371-thongs-petrol?_pos=1&_sid=8f9b34e56&_ss=r

JOR College Jock – Mustard – https://www.unbstore.com/products/jor-1372-jockstrap-mustard?_pos=1&_sid=cc5bd40fa&_ss=r 

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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