Candyman just dropped their newest collection for bigger guys, like me. This collection takes the sexy Candyman undies and makes them in larger sizes. I know many out there, like me, have seen undies only to look at the sizing and see it goes up to 36 inches or less. We deserve to get some amazing sexy undies as well.

This collection takes what we love about Candyman and makes it more accessible. The sizing goes up to a 42-inch waist. This extends the regular sizes of Candyman by 4 inches (up from 38 inches). It’s great to see that they are continuing this line. Last year they released the first extended sizes, and now they are updating them.

Now let’s talk about the pics; these pics are HOT. The pics mix some of the regular-size models with a bigger guy. Not only did they go over the top, but these pics are just HOT. They definitely encourage you to walk on your wild side. Check out the entire Candyman collection in extended sizes.

Also, we are giving you 20% off all Candyman with code Candy20 at check out at the UNB Store. Go shop and pick up some of your favorite styles or try something new.


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