We bring you the next part of our reader survey results. This time it’s Gymwear! We wanted to know what you guys wear while working out. I think we see a rise in spandex and other workout wear. Here are some of the

Running is an exercise that I hate; I only run when being chased! But I wondered what you guys wear. The main article is the gym short. I’m not surprised, but it’s good to see about 25% of you wear runners (spandex) and spandex shorts!

Workout wear is changing. No longer are we wearing shorts and tees. Guys are wearing a lot more. You may not see it on this survey, but there is one thing on this slide that keys you in. Don’t change. That is singlets. It’s growing, and we have seen more IG guys working out in singlets. I”m a little disappointed that runners and spandex shorts aren’t more significant, but fingers crossed it grows. I prefer spandex when working out for the support it gives. If you are old enough to remember the 80, there was a brand that I LOVED called Hind. They had some of the thickets and most comfy spandex shorts ever. They gave me such incredible support when working out my legs.

Gym shorts reign supreme on this survey. But I am showing hope that runners and spandex shorts are gaining acceptance. Over 25% of young guys wear runners while doing cardio. Two, in cardio, it depends on what you are doing.

I asked for Cross fit because I think it’s an evil workout regime. But many guys wear it. Again we see the gym short by a WIDE margin.

I thought that yoga would see more spandex in general but nope. However, we see a rise in Yoa pants in the Track/sweat pants (I shortened the yoga pants for the slide). Ok, next year I”m asking what kind of shorts you guys wear.

Our last question is how much do you spend on gym wear. You guys spend more on gym wear than you do underwear. It’s in the $36-$50 range. Gymwear is also a lot more expensive than undies. There are higher-end brands that go for over $70 for pieces.

Gym wear let me down a little, but there’s more coming soon, including fetishwear and some more fun things.


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  1. I’d be interested in the bran/style of gym shorts, singlets, etc that you guys wear. I’m wearing Jed north shorts but I’m still looking for the perfect pair of gym shorts.

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