We bring you the final results of the UNB Reader survey. It was a great survey and gave us some really interesting insights into you guys and across a spectrum of guys. The last few slides are about challenges we face and media from UNB.

One thing this slide tells me is that guys across the sexual spectrum have different issues. A gay guy will have different issues than a straight guy, and a bi guy. This is an area that can be explored much further. One a podcast we have coming up it gave me insight into a bi guy who loves undies but the women he dates either don’t care for his choice in undies or are negative. On the gay side we have come a long way and when you see wild and fun undies most everyone says or things in society “only gays would wear that.” I am going to do some posts and podcasts over this slide this year.

Again see above to some extent but a supportive partner is key no matter your sexuality. I have had partners who didn’t get it, didn’t want to get it, and thought it was strange. Mix in social norms on the straight side and it can be a whole questioning the person you date. It shouldn’t matter because it’s just clothing but it does. If a woman comes home in a thong the guy usually is like “Oh yeah.” but I have heard stories when a man comes home in a thong the woman is like “what is that”

Ok, I left the Excessive part off this slide! Does your partner think your underwear love is excessive? Glad to see the majority of guys’ partners say no, but we have a very large maybe!

Our podcast has grown over the last year. We have crossed the 25K downloads mark, which is massive for a podcast. I know we have listeners who don’t read the blog and blog readers who don’t listen to the podcast. I really have taken a new passion for the podcast and have enjoyed expanding it since 2018. It’s given me a new creative outlet with underwear and gear. It’s also a lot more work. To write a post you just think it up, find pics, and bam you’re done. In a podcast you have come up with an idea, schedule people, record the show, then edit the show, then put it out. The bonus to this is you hear directly from a guy’s mouth his story. What he has to say and feel. I love interviewing regular guys telling how they discovered their love of undies. Or a group show where we talk about ideas and share our stories about a topic. If you haven’t listened go listen I think you will enjoy it. We will have more thong shows and more shows this year! I’m working on so much!

This has been a desire of mine for so long. I have mad video skills and want to put them to use. This one is even more difficult than podcasts. We have to find a willing guy to be in his undies, then film, edit, and release. We can’t release it on YouTube due to its nature and Vimeo has had some issues as well lately. I think this would need to be self-hosted and on our platform, which gives us 100% creative control but lacks audience discovery on YouTube. The one compromise is to do teasers on YouTube and drive them to the blog. One of my big goals is to do a documentary. I have so many ideas for this and just not the time or money for it. Maybe I’ll do a go fund me or something to get the money to do one. I need to put together a budget to shoot an underwear documentary and see what it comes to and see if I can make it happen. I have one topic I would love do and another on the back burner. But a regular series explaining new undies and sort of a 101 series would be awesome too.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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