Your mission if you choose to accept it: To live out your back room jockstrap fantasies in Alpha Charlie’s latest jockstrap.

Alpha Charlie’s was on a mission to create one of the best looking, comfortable and affordable neoprene fetish jocks out there – and they succeeded.

The pouch is made of a perforated neoprene fabric that looks amazing. And unlike many neoprene jocks, this pouch is perfectly contoured so it won’t crush your boys and you’ll be always bulging big time. Also unlike many neoprene fabrics, this one’s got a welcome vertical 2-way stretch. Black piping not only runs down the center of the jock but also edges the pouch adding a stylish touch and ensuring a perfect fit.

The waistband is equally as awesome and slick in it’s simplicity. It’s super-plushed and soft with upper and lower horizontal stripes formed by lines of mini rubberized embossed chevrons. Front and center you’ll find a rubberized Alpha Charlie sergeant chevron that’s part of their logo. Stunning.

Finally, the waistband: They’re super-comfy 1 inch wide plushed straps.

Be sure to head to our website to see our hot as f*ck German model Tobias giving these awesome jocks a workout

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