In this episode of the Brief Talk podcast, we welcome back Mr. Dominic Alban. Dominic discusses the recent developments in his brand, including the expansion of new styles and changes to the aesthetic of his imagery. He explains how he transitioned from highly processed images to a vintage retro vibe using scanned Polaroids. Dominic also shares his struggle with finding a balance between consistently posting on social media and creating purposeful, high-quality content.

Furthermore, Dominic talks about the new styles he has introduced, such as thongs and trunks. He mentions that the decision to release these styles was influenced by customer requests and the popularity of thongs. He emphasizes the importance of listening to customers’ needs and preferences when designing products. Dominic aims to cater to different body types, comfort levels, and occasions with his diverse range of styles. Additionally, he reflects on the growth and evolution of his brand, expressing a desire to constantly improve and refine his offerings based on his evolving creative vision and customer feedback.

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