Welcome to part 2 of the UNB Reader Survey for 2023. I forgot to mention that this year I did the report fully in Apple’s Keynote. In years past I have done the graphs in Canva and put them in the presentation. Now, I found that Keynote was just better and easier to manage. (This tip is for those numbers/presentation geeks out there.

Today we have what we buy and what we wear.

Shopping for underwear is not cheap. It seems lately that each month the cost goes higher and higher. I have seen undies for as much as $40 regular price!!! So getting a deal is a good thing, but we asked if you shopped on sale, regular price, or both. It comes as no surprise you guys do a mix. There are several brands you guys will pay full price just to have in your undie drawer. But 1/4 of you shop on sale and only 5% just shop full price.

As I mentioned above this particular question will change in the next survey. This has been a standard question for years, but with the increasing prices, we will have 30 & 40-dollar levels for the next one. I think I forgot to update this question, There was one I meant to update but I forgot which one it was.

We love to ask what you guys love to wear. Note this is for super underwear fans! It’s no surprise that the thong reigns supreme with 32% of you loving it. However, my personal favorite the bikini was a second, and a close third was brief. DOH the labels didn’t come through but they should be Bikini, Boxer Brief, Brief, Jockstrap, Thong, Turnk, Jockbrief and blank

One of the most interesting parts of the survey to me is the “What do you wear?” You can see in this slide that guys are pretty evenly split. 1/3 never or rarely wears thong and 40% almost always or always wear a thong. You guys like and don’t like thongs. Remember every pair of underwear isn’t for everyone wear what makes you feel sexy.

This one really surprises me that almost half you guys rarely or never wear a jock? WHAT? We need to get you boys in a good jockstrap. But at least another 1/4 say they sometimes wear.

You guys are the brief guys. Over half of you sometimes or almost always wear briefs and 20% says they always wear them. It shows that undies guys love them some briefs. I think everyone I know have some briefs in their drawers.

You guys made me happy. The bikini is my personal favorite style. It has been for as long as I can remember and you guys showed strong positive results in this style. I think we need more exposure for bikinis because they used to be super popular.

This should come as a shock to no one that over 1/3 never wears boxer briefs. As I suspected you guys are not fans at all of the style. I like the ones like in the image above long and spandex but the rest, nope.

For the slide for trunks, I had to double-check the data because it’s almost identical to boxer briefs. I figured for sure that you guys would like trunks way more than boxer briefs but I was wrong. You guys are not a fan of anything bigger than a brief.

Ok I totally forgot to take Jockbriefs out of the line up this year. I had it in my notes from last year and well, I failed. I think we have passed the popularity of this style, they are still for sale but seems less and less of you guys wear them.

We will have another set of results tomorrow. If you are a Patreon Member I am going to do a special podcast going over the results in a video format. You can watch or listen to the show, the choice is ours.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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