Introducing the gymwear section of the UNB Reader Survey! As the popularity of spandex continues to rise, we have decided to include this relatively new section in our survey. And rest assured, as the demand for gymwear increases, we will continuously expand and enhance this section to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive insights

We are pleased to present the gymwear section of the UNB Reader Survey, which aims to gather insights on the use of spandex among our readers. One of the questions we asked was about running attire, specifically inquiring about the preferred choices of our participants. While a substantial number of respondents (approximately 50%) indicated that they incorporate runners or spandex shorts into their workout outfits at some point, we were hoping for a more significant portion. It’s important to note that participants had the option to select multiple responses. We appreciate the feedback received so far and will continue to explore this area in future survey editions.

Let’s highlight a significant statistic from the results: a noteworthy 6% of respondents are embracing singlets as their gym attire. It’s encouraging to see an increasing number of individuals sharing pictures of themselves in singlets from their gym sessions on Instagram. This trend brings me joy. However, it’s worth noting that gym shorts continue to dominate, as they remain the preferred choice for the majority. Initially, I questioned whether I had copied the incorrect results since the combined percentage for singlets and gym shorts stands at an impressive 61% across both slides.

As we delve into the realm of cardio exercises, an interesting trend emerges: the dominance of gym shorts becomes even more apparent, accounting for a significant 65% of reader’s preferred attire. It’s safe to say that when it comes to cardio workouts, the trusty gym short remains the go-to choice for the majority of individuals. This finding reinforces the notion that gym shorts have established themselves as a staple in the fitness wardrobe of our audience. Their versatility, comfort, and practicality seem to make them the preferred option for staying cool and unrestricted during cardio activities. With such a high percentage in favor of gym shorts, it becomes evident that they have truly solidified their position as the preferred gymwear among our readers.

rossFit is a high-intensity fitness regimen that combines elements of weightlifting, cardiovascular exercises, and bodyweight movements. It focuses on functional movements performed at high intensity, aiming to improve overall fitness and strength. CrossFit workouts are designed to be varied and constantly challenging, incorporating elements from various disciplines such as weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance training.

In the CrossFit community, gym shorts have emerged as the most popular choice of attire. This preference can be attributed to the demanding nature of CrossFit workouts, which require a wide range of motion, agility, and flexibility. Gym shorts offer athletes the freedom and mobility needed to perform explosive movements, such as squats, lunges, and box jumps, while keeping them cool and comfortable during intense training sessions. With their lightweight materials and non-restrictive design, gym shorts have become synonymous with the CrossFit culture, reflecting the focus on performance, functionality, and practicality.

When it comes to yoga attire, it’s interesting to note that both gym shorts and yoga pants are popular choices among our respondents. While gym shorts maintain their dominant position, a considerable number of individuals also opt for the flexibility and comfort provided by yoga pants during yoga sessions. Surprisingly, the percentage of men wearing yoga pants or spandex gear isn’t as high as initially expected, indicating that other options still prevail. Nonetheless, the presence of yoga pants in the mix demonstrates a growing acceptance and appreciation for their functionality in the realm of yoga.

This slide has really changed over the years. I asked “Are you confident in just wearing spandex to the gym (such as a singlet, full-body suit, UA shirts, and runners? No cover-ups) ” Only 25% of you said Yes you are but almost 50% said no, but almost 20% said they wear something over it. Yeah I forgot to convert to percentage! I want to grow this number to over 50%, that is my goal

Unlike Underwear, gymwear can be pricy and some pairs I have seen for $100+, next year I think we will have to up our prices. But most of you pay 21-50 bucks on gymgear. I think we need to ask what gym gear do you buy each year. I would love to know your thoughts.

This wraps up the gymwear section. I had a bad day when I wrote this so it was super bitchy so I had to run it through ChatGPT to rewrite it. All but the last two sections were rewritten so if you ask “hey did you hire a writer?” nope chat GPT can do miracles!

We will have more for you on Friday!


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