Today we go over the UNB Reader Survey swimwear results, appropriate since we are in swimwear season. Here are what you guys love and wear and what you are wearing this year.

We’re always curious about your summer wardrobe choices. We inquired about the swimwear styles you’ll be donning this season. Without a doubt, briefs have emerged as the popular choice this summer! Although I must admit, I was slightly taken aback to discover that thongs accounted for only 22% of the responses, trailing behind swim shorts and trunks. The good news is that board shorts are the least favored option for swimwear.

Over the past few years, thongs have experienced a noticeable surge in popularity among men. It’s intriguing to observe whether you choose to embrace or eschew this particular style. Surprisingly, one-third of men have actually worn a swim thong, while another third have expressed no interest in trying them out. It appears that when it comes to thongs, it’s a matter of clear preference – either you’re inclined to wear them or you’re not, with little room for middle ground.

While we have a wishful desire for every guy to have the option of purchasing swim briefs or thongs, we acknowledge that it’s not a realistic expectation. Each year, we inquire about the swimwear choices you intend to purchase for the upcoming swim season. Once again, briefs have emerged as the most popular selection. However, it’s fascinating to note that, apart from board shorts, there seems to be an inclination among you guys to consider a variety of swimwear options this year.

Including your favorite color as a survey question is a recent addition for us. While we have been inquiring about underwear color for a while, we inadvertently overlooked asking about swimwear color. The survey results revealed that the top three colors for swimwear are blue, black, and red. The popularity of black doesn’t come as a surprise, as every guy needs that classic black swim brief. However, I personally wasn’t anticipating blue to be a prominent choice. I tend to lean towards vibrant and bold colors for swimwear, but everyone has their own preferences.

uring a recent podcast, I expressed the belief that every guy should acquire three fresh pairs of swimwear each season. Interestingly, the survey results indicate that 46% of you share the same sentiment. However, it seems that most of you aren’t inclined to go beyond the three pairs. Instead, it’s more probable that you’ll settle for just one pair rather than accumulating four or more for the summer. Personally, I don’t believe one can ever have too much swimwear.

Traditionally, swimwear tends to be pricier compared to underwear. Nevertheless, with the recent surge in underwear prices, the price gap between the two may not remain significant for much longer. The preferred price range for you guys seems to be between $20 and $50, which is quite reasonable when it comes to swimwear. However, I’m genuinely curious about where you guys are finding swimwear under 20 bucks; do let me know! On the other end of the spectrum, it appears that some of you are willing to spend up to $65, but beyond that threshold, it seems that only a few are willing to invest in more expensive options.

Let’s delve into the more interesting aspect of this survey – your comfort levels when it comes to different swimwear choices in varying situations. First up, we have the scenario of a public pool. The majority of you guys prefer to wear swim shorts as your go-to option, followed by briefs. I believe this is the most conventional response among you guys. After all, only 3% of you are bold enough to sport a thong at a public pool.

Moving on to the next scenario: the lake. Interestingly, the preferences here are quite similar to those at the public pool. It seems that the public aspect influences you guys to lean towards more conservative choices. However, there’s a slight increase in daringness, with 8% of you willing to embrace a thong at the lake. It does make one wonder what kind of lakes people are venturing to.

Let’s move on to the third scenario: a public beach. The preferences here are almost evenly split between swim briefs and shorts. It seems that you guys are a bit more adventurous when it comes to beach attire compared to pool settings. Based on what I’ve gathered from many of you, there’s been a growing interest in wearing briefs and even thongs at the beach. Personally, I find it a bit disappointing that board shorts have remained quite popular, but on a positive note, the percentage of those embracing thongs has increased to 14%. It appears that you guys enjoy flaunting it all at the beach.

Let’s explore our fourth scenario, where we shift towards a more private setting. We posed the question of what you would wear at a private resort, and the results revealed that a majority of you opt for swim briefs! Interestingly, the swim thong takes a significant second place at 33%, surpassing swim shorts for the first time, with shorts landing in a distant third. Additionally, it’s worth noting that board shorts have experienced a decline in popularity, dropping from 18% to 10%. This presents some positive news for those seeking variety in swimwear choices at private resorts.

Have you all observed a recurring pattern in this series? It seems that as we delve into more private settings, your swimwear choices become increasingly daring. When it comes to a private pool, the majority of you opt for either a brief or a thong. While briefs remain the top choice, it’s notable that the thong has come close to challenging briefs for the first-place position. The other swimwear styles are not even in the same ballpark. I must admit, I wish we could see a similar trend at public beaches, but we’ll get to that point soon enough.


Moving on to our penultimate scenario: private tanning. This encompasses tanning by a private pool or on a deck. Here, it’s apparent that you guys have two primary choices that appeal to you. It comes as no surprise that briefs dominate the top spot, with thongs trailing just 2% behind. It seems that you guys are seeking those alluring tan lines, opting for the two styles that provide just that. It’s important to remember to protect your skin and make sure to use sunscreen for a safe and enjoyable tanning experience.

In our final scenario, we explore the most private setting of all: the tanning booth. It appears that while you guys may not be quite ready to wear a thong in public, you’re definitely interested in achieving that thong tan line while inside the tanning bed. By far, if you choose to tan, the thong is the preferred option, with the brief making a strong showing for second place. I can’t help but wonder who would wear board shorts in a tanning booth!

We have more results coming soon, with a focus on gym gear and possibly even some spandex. Stay tuned for the upcoming findings!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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