We welcome mstringlvr to the blog to talk about his love of thongs and how he discovered this love. 

Tell our Readers about you: 

Mid-40s Asian American “Daddy” based in Northern California. I was “super straight” until about 7-8 years ago when I started to appreciate the male form more. I still skew more towards the female form but have really been into trans gals and femme boys in the last few years. Of course, I like buff men with bubble butts, but I get aroused looking at any gender who is shaved/waxed, fit, and thonged! Anyone looking at me would think I’m a boring, suburban, straight dude; little do they know I have many naughty and perverted secrets and am almost always thonged haha! 

When did you first discover underwear? 

First noticed underwear in the mid-late 80s when I saw 

  1. Jane Fonda and her crew in tights and (thong) leotards 
  2. Solid Gold dancers in their little bikinis on stage 
  3. Crocodile Dundee: when the actress stripped down to her sexy black thong body suit for a dip in the swamp, and the gator almost got her. I was aroused by those images even though I was only 9 or 10 and wanted to wear sexy underwear. 

I had a good number of bikini-style briefs at the time and started to roll the waist 

straps so they became thinner and fold the back in to expose more booty, effectively transforming it into a thong. Once, I had to change at a friend’s house and he saw the improvised thong and asked “Why do you roll your underwear”…no answer but got a slight rush knowing someone had seen my sexy modifications. The feeling of the exposed buns and fabric tugging on my bussy was intoxicating.

I kept “rolling” my bikini briefs for a few years until I was 11 or 12, then started watching porn and seeing the actresses in thongs/g-strings. Found them to be really sexy and decided to make my own g-string. Here’s how I did it: 1) cut the crotch off an old pair of briefs 2) got thin elastic straps from a sewing supply store 3) fashioned a waistband and thong strap from the elastic by stapling them together (I didn’t know how to sew/too troublesome) and also stapled the cut-out pouch from the briefs to the elastic. So there you have it, a homemade g-string. The back strap was the main attraction (and still is); I loved how it rode up my booty and kept me aroused. Kept doing this for a few years, eventually learning how to sew everything together.

 When I was 14, I bought my first commercial g-string from a costume/novelty store. It was a tiny black number and came in a small blue box; the g-string was stuffed in a walnut shell, and frilly plastic was placed around it. I knew I’d be a thong/string guy for life the minute I wore it. Naturally, I thong bated in that suit multiple times (I still have it, but the elastic is totally gone). The pouch bugged my cock and balls much more snugly than my homemade g-string – I felt well supported and sexy to be “tightly packed.”

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair? 

After my walnut g-string, I purchased some poorly made “commercial” g-strings from International Male in the early 2000s. It was badly made because the backstrap was way too long, resulting in an unflattering T-back vs Y-back.

My first real designer piece was a “3D thong” from Dore in 2006 or 2007. Around the same time, I purchased the Koalaswim “Slut g-string.” Both suits were great and well-made. I liked how the Dore had a torpedo-shaped pouch and allowed me to get hard while wearing it and also thongbate and cum in the pouch. The back also dipped low into my booty crack, creating a nice whale tail. The Koalaswim was my first intro to a double-loop g-string, which I thought was very innovative. I could lower the strap on one side while keeping the other one on my waist – a fun way to strip tease vs. needing to take everything off at once.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear? 

The 3D thong was the hook, and it continues to be my favorite style today. However, a few conditions need to be met: 1) the pouch can’t be too large or deep, or else you’ll end up with a “floppy bulge” when you’re flaccid, which is unacceptable and unattractive 2) the thong back should be a small triangle; too big and it becomes frumpy or bunches and looks bad. I never understood why people liked larger thong backs for “more coverage” – if you’re wearing a thong, you aren’t looking for coverage!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wanted bulgier and more micro thongs to push the limits. Micro thongs should not have any excess fabric on the pouch or at the back, and they should sit low in the front, right above the base of the cock, and dip low in the back, to create a “V” or “Y” back. A perfect thong for me would be a “second skin.”

Other styles I like are the sporty bulge thong with thicker sides (i.e., Joe Snyder bulge thong) and double loop g-strings 

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most? 

My preference is to wear 3D/4D thongs with very compact pouches and small V or Y backs. I’ll occasionally wear g-strings or seamless front thongs to change things up.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

I get this question a lot. After close to 25 years of thonging and owning over 500+ pairs of thongs, my top three favorite brands are

1. iSwim Fashion (Taiwan): high-quality workmanship, reasonable prices, great customer service (Calvin, the owner, is fantastic). The best part about this brand is that pouch depth is customizable at no charge. It’s extremely important if you’re a non-hung guy like myself. I own over 70 thongs from iSwim, and fav styles are u3008 (moderate bulge), u3018 (extreme 4D), u1026 (sporty bulge with thicker sides), u4015 (stringy bulge with minimal taint coverage – very slutty). https://iswim.com.tw/category.php?id=1&lang=en

2. Jovana Design (UK): great workmanship and fabric selection. Joana, the owner, is a doll. My favorite styles are the micro 4D thong and micro g-string. www.jovanadesign.com

3. Beachkini/Boystrings (Germany): IMO, best Y-back g-strings on the market. Burkhardt, in typical German fashion, makes a very high-quality thong

I’ve written a well-received “Ultimate Thong Review” hosted at USG-Online, listing nearly 30 thong brands, opinions, and links to retailers. Makes a great shopping list.

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner, do they encourage your love of underwear?

I am married to a super boring woman who used to be okay with my thonging when I had 3 to 4 pairs and wore them “for support” when working out. As my collection grew to a few hundred and got more colorful with pinks and purples, she banned me from thonging and made me throw my very expensive collection out because “it’s gay”. I am in a sexless marriage with a conservative woman, but there are more understanding partners out there who support their men thonging, cross-dressing, plugging, etc…they’re keepers!

After pretending to throw them out, I secretly retrieved the thongs and continue to wear them today, as I’m a thonger at heart. No one knows I thong except online thong friends and a few people I’ve met up with for thong play sessions (2 guys and one trans gal) over the years, all on the DL of course. Those folks are thong addicts, and we had a great time discussing and modeling our collections and doing other naughty things as well 🙂

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence

I’ve always been on the heavier side and have some body image issues. However, I post pics and sexy videos on social media and get positive feedback, which helps a lot with my self-confidence, since I don’t get any validation at home (i.e., no sex with my wife for close to 5 years now). I don’t encourage doing naughty things behind a spouse’s back, but sometimes, one has to stray a little to stay sane and get some validation.

I played with a trans gal thong addict friend earlier this year, and it was a phenomenal experience, which I still think about today. 

Where can our readers find you on social media?   

Twitter: @microthonglvr (most active here with 2x posts daily)

    www.usg-online.com: @microstringlvr, have 3,100 pictures posted! https://usg-online.com/index.php?media/users/microstringlvr.229/

    Reddit: @microstringlvr

    SpandexParty.com: @mstringlvr

    I love getting comments and retweets so please hit me up!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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