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MODUS VIVENDI Unveils Antibacterial Line and “Shades of Bromance” Campaign from SS24 Collection

MODUS VIVENDI, renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to inclusivity, proudly announces the launch of its Antibacterial Line alongside with the “Shades of Bromance” Campaign for the Spring-Summer 2024 Collection.

Inspired by the essence of human connection and the beauty of diversity, MODUS VIVENDI’s latest campaign celebrates the spectrum of skin tones with a focus on the companionship between two men—one black and one white. Embracing the spirit of bromance, the campaign showcases the importance of inclusivity and unity, transcending boundaries through friendship and style.

MODUS VIVENDI strongly believes that fashion is a powerful platform for promoting diversity and fostering meaningful connections. With the ‘Shades of Bromance’ Campaign, MODUS VIVENDI aims to highlight the beauty of different skin tones while emphasizing the significance of unity and acceptance.

Central to the campaign is MODUS VIVENDI’s Antibacterial Line, featuring underwear crafted from eco-friendly cotton fabric with an antibacterial finishing. Designed to combat bacterial growth and diminish body odor, these garments offer both style and functionality, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Antibacterial Line represents a fusion of style and practicality, catering to the modern individual who values comfort and hygiene. With a focus on minimalist designs and skin care textiles, this collection offers a versatile canvas for self-expression while prioritizing the well-being of our customers.

In line with MODUS VIVENDI’s dedication to sustainability, every design in the Antibacterial Line is knitted according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) specifications and complies with the Organic Content Standard (OCS). By complying to the above standards, the brand ensures that each garment upholds the highest levels of quality, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

The “Shades of Bromance” Campaign and Antibacterial Line from MODUS VIVENDI, highlight the brand’s ethos of inclusivity, innovation, and timeless style. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, MODUS VIVENDI remains committed to pushing boundaries and inspiring positive change through its collections and campaigns.

Discover the essence of minimal and classic fashion with MODUS VIVENDI’s Antibacterial Line, available now online at MODUS VIVENDI’s official website

For more information about the collection and the campaign, please contact us at Join MODUS VIVENDI in celebrating diversity and making a statement for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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Joan Crisol


Darwin Echeverry


Sergio Hernández Morales



Ático Norte Producciones


Make Up & Hair:

Alvaro Sanper


Production Assistant:

Juanma Lopezp


Madrid, Spain


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