Fabian shares his love for briefs and his journey of discovering different brands and styles. He explains his preference for fuller briefs and the appeal of showing off brief lines. Fabian also discusses the reactions he receives from others and the insecurities some people have about showing off their underwear. He shares his experiences of wearing briefs in different settings and the interest it generates. Finally, Fabian reveals that he has a collection of around 65 to 70 pairs of underwear. In this conversation, Fabian discusses his partner’s reaction to his underwear and how they support his interest. He also shares stories about his friends’ reactions and the taboo nature of discussing underwear in the gay community. Fabian talks about his experiences at the laundromat and the attention his underwear receives. He explains how showing off brief lines boosts his confidence and the different types of shorts that accentuate the lines. The conversation concludes with a discussion about future episodes and the impact of Fabian’s stories on listeners.


  • Partners can have different reactions to a person’s interest in underwear, but support is important.
  • Friends may have varying opinions about underwear, but it’s important to explore and wear what makes you feel good.
  • Doing laundry at a laundromat can lead to interesting encounters and conversations about underwear.
  • Showing off brief lines can boost confidence and be a fun way to express oneself.
  • Different types of shorts can accentuate brief lines and create a visually appealing look.

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