• s in the US.
  • Swimwear trends include the resurgence of swim briefs and the popularity of unique patterns and prints.
  • Promoting underwear brands on social media can be challenging due to restrictions and double standards.
  • Having a strong social media presence and advertising budget can help brands navigate these challenges.


  • The Rising Prices of Underwear: Factors and Value
  • Bringing Unique and High-Quality Brands to the US Market Swimwear Trends: Swim Briefs and Unique Patterns
  • Japanese Underwear Brands and Their Local Audience

Sound Bites

  • “We try to get things shipped like within 24 hours, the latest.”
  • “I want guys who love underwear, who really want something fun, want to stand out a little bit.”
  • “Spending a little bit more on a pair of underwear is like a really good deal.”
  • “Each size has a separate pattern and a different fit.”
  • “Japanese underwear brands cater to their local audience and may not offer larger sizes.”
  • “Australian brands have innovative designs that appeal to the US market.”



Ken’s Journey into the World of Men’s Underwear


Navigating the Challenges of International Shipping


Bringing Unique and High-Quality Brands to the US Market


The Challenge of Finding Larger Sizes


The Challenges of Promoting Underwear Brands on Social Media

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