MODUS VIVENDI presents Soccer Swimwear Line and “Splash Balls” Campaign as part of Swimwear 2024 Collection

MODUS VIVENDI, a fashion brand synonymous sustainability, proudly introduces its latest addition to the Swimwear 2024 Collection: The Soccer Swimwear Line. Embracing the spirit of sports and style, this line redefines swimwear with its unique fusion of soccer-inspired designs and eco-friendly materials.

The highlight of the launch is the “Splash Balls” Campaign, featuring three men showcasing the Soccer Swimwear Line in a vibrant pool setting. 

Each design in the Soccer Swimwear Line features a distinctive soccer ball print, meticulously crafted using fast-drying elasticated fabric made from 100% recycled yarns derived from plastic bottles. Soccer Swimwear Line draws inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of the soccer ball. MODUS VIVENDI wanted to capture the energy and excitement of the game and translate it into stylish swimwear that reflects its commitment to sustainability.

The Soccer Swimwear Line boasts an all-over customized MODUS VIVENDI original design, enhanced with a special laminated foil printing technique. This innovative approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and resistance to fading, even after repeated exposure to water and sunlight.

The main goal with the Soccer Swimwear Line is to offer a fresh perspective on sports-inspired fashion. Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or simply appreciate the fusion of athleticism and style, these swimsuits are designed to make a splash.

In line with MODUS VIVENDI’s commitment to sustainability, the Soccer Swimwear Line is crafted from eco-friendly materials without compromising on quality or performance. By utilizing recycled yarns derived from plastic bottles, the brand continues to lead the way in environmentally conscious fashion.

The “Splash Balls” Campaign encapsulates the essence of the Soccer Swimwear Line, inviting customers to dive into a world where fashion meets athleticism. With its bold prints, dynamic designs, and sustainable ethos, MODUS VIVENDI’s Soccer Swimwear Line promises to make a statement both in and out of the water.

The Soccer Swimwear Line is now available for purchase on the MODUS VIVENDI website Join the movement, embrace the spirit of soccer, and make a splash with MODUS VIVENDI.

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