In this episode of the Brief Talk Podcast, Trey Romero, a maker of thongs, joins the show to discuss his brand and the world of thongs. Trey shares how he got started in making thongs and the inspiration behind his designs. He emphasizes the importance of pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms when it comes to men’s underwear and swimwear. The conversation also touches on the increasing popularity of thongs and the need for more acceptance and spaces for thong-wearing. Overall, the episode explores the evolving perception of thongs and the freedom and confidence they can bring. The conversation explores the journey of men’s thong underwear and the evolving acceptance of men wearing lingerie. The hosts discuss the lack of variety in men’s underwear options and the growing demand for more daring and sexy styles. They also touch on the societal stigma surrounding men wearing thongs and the importance of embracing personal style and self-expression. The conversation highlights the positive feedback and joy that comes from creating and wearing thongs, as well as the sense of community and connection among thong enthusiasts.


thongs, men’s underwear, swimwear, fashion, boundaries, acceptance, men’s thong underwear, lingerie, variety, self-expression, stigma, personal style, community


  • Thongs for men are becoming increasingly popular and accepted.
  • There is a need for more acceptance and spaces for thong-wearing.
  • Thongs can bring a sense of freedom and confidence.
  • Pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms is important in the world of men’s underwear and swimwear. Men’s thong underwear is becoming more popular and accepted, but there is still a lack of variety in the market.
  • Wearing thongs is about self-expression and embracing personal style, regardless of societal stigma.
  • Creating and wearing thongs brings joy and a sense of community among enthusiasts.
  • Men should feel empowered to wear whatever makes them feel confident and comfortable.


  • Creating Spaces for Thong-Wearing
  • Thongs: A Symbol of Freedom and Confidence The Evolution of Men’s Thong Underwear
  • The Joy of Creating and Wearing Thongs

Sound Bites

  • “Bright colors, palm trees, and beaches: the essence of my thongs.”
  • “Wear a neon green thong on the beach, go all out!”
  • “Thongs are just a garment, not necessarily sexual.”
  • “We’re getting there, but we still don’t have a pair we can wear to work.”
  • “We’re getting there. It’s just straight guys have never had the opportunity to branch out and experience underwear like gay men do.”
  • “You either like it or you hate it. But straight guys are now taking risks they didn’t take before.”

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