MODUS VIVENDI Unveils Origami Swimwear Line – Pink Edition and Launches “Creamy Licking” Campaign

MODUS VIVENDI introduces the second part of its Origami Swimwear Line – the Pink Edition. Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of “Paper Folding,” this collection seamlessly blends intricate design with eco-conscious materials, offering a fresh perspective on beachwear for the discerning consumer.

In celebration of the Pink Edition launch, MODUS VIVENDI introduces the “Creamy Licking” Campaign, a visual ode to joy, summer, and indulgence. This captivating campaign captures the essence of beachside fun, featuring a man adorned in Origami swimwear, delighting in the simple pleasures of ice cream on a sun-kissed shore.

Inspired by the carefree spirit of summer, the “Creamy Licking” Campaign encapsulates the joy of embracing life’s simple pleasures. Against the backdrop of azure waves and golden sands, MODUS VIVENDI’s swimwear becomes a canvas for playful moments, inviting wearers to revel in the magic of the season.

Crafted by MODUS VIVENDI’s talented design team, the Pink Edition features an almost three-dimensional floral motif, showcasing origami blossoms meticulously printed on sustainable swimsuit fabrics. Each piece exudes a romantic allure and harmonious palette, accentuated by precise cuts that sculpt a flirtatious style perfect for any beach outing.

Furthermore, the Origami Swimwear Line sets itself apart from conventional floral prints, offering a uniquely individual appeal that promises to leave wearers feeling exceptional. Every swimwear piece is part of MODUS VIVENDI’s responsible edit, boasting an all-over customized design that reflects the brand’s dedication to authenticity and environmental consciousness.

MODUS VIVENDI’s Origami Swimwear Line – Pink Edition and the “Creamy Licking” Campaign are now available, inviting fashion enthusiasts to experience the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and summer joy.

The Origami Swimwear Line is now available for purchase on the MODUS VIVENDI website

Discover the “Creamy Licking” Campaign here.

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Gastohn Barrios



Igor Foscarini



Santiago Di Giovanni

Executive Production:

Matias Santos



Martin Iglesias


Mar Del Plata, Argentina


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