MODUS VIVENDI Unveils Crochet Knit Line 2nd Part (The Natural Edition) and “Sneaky Gardener” Campaign from SS24 Collection

MODUS VIVENDI is thrilled to announce the launch of the Crochet Knit Line – Part Two (The Natural Edition) as part of the SS24 Collection. This release is accompanied by the “Sneaky Gardener” Campaign, setting a new standard in fashion storytelling.

Building on the success of our first Crochet Knit Line, The Natural Edition continues to embrace the crochet trend with a modern twist. This collection serves the most contemporary variant of crochet, ensuring that retro-inspired looks remain stylish and relevant. The designs are characterized by smooth knitted fabric with a minimalistic yet luxurious tight fit, offering both sophistication and comfort.

This SS24 Collection campaign captures the essence of the Crochet Knit Line through a narrative that is both playful and captivating. The campaign features a mysterious gardener who sneaks into various gardens, adorned in our latest crochet designs. This storytelling approach emphasizes the seamless blend of nature and fashion, showcasing how MODUS VIVENDI pieces can transform everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

The “Sneaky Gardener” Campaign draws inspiration from the timeless allure of nature and the carefree spirit of summer. Gardens symbolize growth, beauty, and serenity—qualities that are mirrored in the craftsmanship and aesthetic of our Crochet Knit Line. By portraying a gardener who moves stealthily through lush landscapes, we highlight the effortless coolness and adaptable elegance of our designs. This campaign is a celebration of the outdoors and the joy of natural surroundings in style.

Crafted from smooth knitted fabric with a minimal yet lavish tight-fit design, this edition features ivory color pieces, offering a fresh and elegant palette that complements any wardrobe. Its monochromatic aesthetic balances bohemian charm with a refined, polished look. The versatile styles cater to both fun and playful as well as chic and elegant preferences, adapting effortlessly to any fashion direction. From underwear to outerwear, each piece is designed to be unique yet harmonious within the collection.

The Crochet Knit Line is now available for purchase on the MODUS VIVENDI website For more information about the line and the campaign, please contact us at

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Joan Crisol


Javier Serna Montana



Ático Norte Producciones


Make Up & Hair:

Alvaro Sanper


Production Assistant:

Juanma Lopezp


Madrid, Spain


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