Ace + Indigo


Are you guys familiar with Ace +Indigo? They are a sister brand to BodyAware. This brand strives to enhance the men’s underwear market of today while also being conscious of our community and the environment. One of the new pairs is the Men’s Bodysuit in plum.” A plum micro modal bodysuit for men with full coverage bottom and racerback.  This bodysuit provides the perfect foundation for a multitude of looks.  Made with a very soft micro-modal, it feels amazing on the skin and hugs the figure exquisitely.  The piece has snaps between the legs for ease of use and functionality”

Have you heard about the new project put together by the same people who bring you Body Aware?  It’s called Ace + Indigo, and it is underwear with a mission.

Partnering with the Phoenix Rescue Mission, the goal of the project is use high quality underwear design and production to help provide for those in need.  The way it works, with each purchase made on the Ace + Indigo website the company will donate new underwear to the Phoenix Rescue Mission homeless shelter, providing men in need with a small but important  bit of comfort and cleanliness to help them with difficult transitions.

There is also a nice vision to the products designed by the company.  Working with a fabric manufacturing company in Portugal, Ace + Indigo is striving for an ethical business model from beginning to end.  The fabrics are all natural, made with the highest quality modal (they are using an extra fine knit fabric made from Beechwood tree fibers).  The factory in Portugal is committed to providing a supportive and equitable environment for all their employees.  And to top it all off, Ace + Indigo is committed to using only recycled and biodegradable materials for all their shipping!

It’s more than just an ethical, progressive business model, Ace + Indigo is making some really great looking products!  There are less choices than you can find here at Body Aware, but great things nonetheless.  I just got one of their bodysuits, and say without hesitation that it is the best bodysuit I’ve ever worn!  The fabric is soft, comfortable, and even sensual.  The fit has a nice snug and comforting quality, so you feel tucked in and supported all day long.  I highly recommend you give it a try!  I am also really eager to try their thongs.  I am really impressed with the colors they’ve developed in putting together this line.  There is nothing flashy, but it all looks rich and comfortable.I don’t know about you, but I really love great underwear.  And since I know I am going to be buying some soon, it seems reasonable to do so and also give to a worthy cause.  Giving underwear to a men’s shelter might not seem like much, but I can say from all of my own experience that good underwear can make me feel good about myself, make me feel cleaner, give a little spring of pride to my step, and help with a little extra confidence when I am giving a presentation or going in for an interview.  Little things matter, and I am glad to see the people who’ve given us Body Aware stepping out and trying something new, creating new products with a new business philosophy, and using what they do best as a way to reach out and help people going through difficult times and transitions.