Anthony Quintana Underwear


IMG_8778(2)I LOVE finding new underwear companies for you guys! I know many of you out there want something your friends don’t have, and I’m guilty of wanting new and fun undies. Also, if you’re like me when you see someone in a brand you haven’t seen before and they look great. You have to find out who the brand is and are jealous someone has something different and new.

When in Vegas I got the chance to see Anthony Quintana at magic. He had some amazing new undies in colors and patterns. They are in different styles and it just has an sense of fun in underwear. Granted, classic underwear has it’s time and place, but let’s face it we ala l want undies to make us feel amazing and fun. I think Anthony Quintana is one of those brands. He’s one who designs in bright colors. You will see yellows, oranges, purples and all sorts of really fun bright colors.

The styles also range from bikinis to long boxers. Its great to see a designer cover that range in different styles. Nothing worse than loving underwear just to find out it’s not in your favorite style. I know many out there love a certain style such as  trunk/boxer briefs while others love bikinis/briefs. Anthony Quintana has both styles for you!

There are a ton of pics here and if you want to see more check them out at the Anthony Quintana website – Also check out the pics in the Gallery below!