We get a chance to tell you guys about a GREAT Australia swimwear brand AussieTogs. They are doing some cool things I think you guys should know about. Including their one piece swimwear for men. Here is our Interview.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about your brand, if they aren’t familiar with it? 

We have been selling men’s swimwear since the umbrella Boobah swimwear since 2004 as a Men’s category. The range then was basic briefs, speedos, trunks, muscle singlets but that was all that was needed then.

In  2009 we found the need for splitting the tiny bikinis from Boobah swimwear- so we established Sunbabe swimwear website and specialised it for micro bikinis and one pieces

We also found that each website had a different audience so we had to sell the Men’s range on “Sunbabe swimwear” as well as Boobah

However we were gradually getting requests for smaller briefs then thong and g string so and by public demand we started filling that gap

What made you start a men’s swimwear brand? 

It got to a point where it was impossible to market the men’s on both websites as well as maintaining it, so Aussie togs was born early 2018- by the time the trade mark was patented it was October 2018 when Aussie togs became independent and on its own, so then the customers that were buying the product from the previous 2 websites were then re-directed to the new landing- and so new social media pages were created and it took off from there effortlessly because of the mother label Boobah that was established 20 years ago, which Aussie togs is a part of and made in the same factory as well as Sunbabe

What sets your brand apart from other swim brands on the market? 

Renowned for quality. We offer a huge colour range and sizes, open to modifications- offer unlined if they specify in customer note box or have it made in a colour not offered by request. Flexibility

Can you tell us about what your best sellers currently are? 

In the one piece “m800” “m802”

You have an amazing secretion of one piece swimwear for men, what made you design this style for men?

We were running our own retail store up until a couple of years ago and it was by request from one customer at a time basically, since I am always open to filling a gap and designing is my forte

It was music to my ears, every time I created one, we sold it on the web site and more ideas were thrown at me, more requests and there are many more to come

What has been the feedback on this style? 

Repeated orders are the best feedback, guys are really happy that someone out there is creating what they want unselfishly and willing to do more for them!

When I get appreciation like little thank you notes, phone calls and emails it becomes my inspiration. I love designing the men’s range. It has become my passion!

Why do you think men have taken to this style?

Men have been desiring the freedom of wearing thong and g string for a long time I feel they were just waiting for an opening by someone like me and to see other men wearing them has encouraged them the more

So slowly it is evolving in a way to see more and more men on the beach wearing thong without being snubbed!

Who is the guy who will be rocking a one piece this summer?

A guy that wants to stand out from the crowd, also its not just for the beach, body builders would embrace the on piece, bike riders, gym addicts!

Where can guys find you online?