B-one Underwear


When I mention basics in men’s underwear some of you immediately go “NEXT.” You want something in underwear that reflects your personality. You think that basics equal boring. Others may go, “Basics, those are the cheap undies in the big box stores.” A brand not known for cheap or boring underwear is JOR. They have released a new line or sub-brand called B-one.

I had to do a Google Translation on the about section of their site. My Spanish is not that good, and by not good I mean non-existent. So here is my cobbling of what this new line is about.

The new trend of Men’s Clothing implies a special treatment towards the basic world of Underwear. New colors, new fabrics and new textures are the secret for a new vintage-inspired collection, is it classic or retro. A new generation that believes in the retro, in the classics and in the comfort of the basic garments.

Jor Underwear, launches to the market a new brand that aligns perfectly with the trends of the new generations, at very competitive prices and with the excellent quality that has always characterized by JOR.

The collection has the styles you may think about in a classic line up. There is a brief, boxer brief, Tee, and yes even swimwear! The swimwear is just classic cut swim briefs. You may go, “but that’s not classic in the states.” But, it is classic in Columbia! This new line is elegant and not just the boring white and black. Yes, there are pairs in each color but there are blues, stripes and shades of grey.

If you have been adverse to wearing classics you need to check out this entire line. I think there will be something you will love no matter your personality. You can see this collection at the JOR International Store.