Bakhou by Sigry


bakhou-mainI have been on a tear to find you guys new brands world wide. I have done a few and we will do a lot more in the future! I found Bakhou this week, they are out of Argentina. Usually a lot of brands out of South America can be skimpy and for a guy who’s pretty bold. Bakhou has a more classic styling in it’s underwear.

That means they have very classic cut silhouettes to their briefs and boxer briefs. They aren’t too skimpy but they aren’t plain either. You can get the classic white pairs but they aren’t afraid to use great patterns. The patterns range form black/white to bright and vivid colors. They make a great contrast to the classic pairs.

bakhou-waistbandsThe waistbands really stick out to me. One of my biggest gripes is that a company uses the same waistband on every pair they do. I like a little of variety. They have several different branded waistbands from one that is sporty, a nice branded one and one I call a funky one! They score points in my book because they match the color of the pair with the waistband. It just sets a nice pair of underwear off.

If you’re looking for a bikini, jock or thong then Bakhou is not for you. They are a more classic over funky design. I think they have a great collection full of briefs and boxer briefs. I’m sure they would have a pair you would like. See more of the great pics below of the brand. But they have tons more at the Bakhou site!