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Bear Skn launched a pride collection this week, it’s called the Backwoods Pride. Bear Skn makes undies for all guys regardless of size!

Designer: Bjorn Ryan-Gorman


We have talked about doing a pride print for years. But I didn’t want just the rainbow flag. I felt that this has been done a lot and I wanted to do something fresh. We started the bear skn brand with our first prints being a traditional red/black Backwoods plaid and it continues to be one the favorite prints. So when I approached the idea of a pride I wanted to design something that I  would be excited to wear. When I mocked up just the rainbow flag I wasn’t a fan. It wasn’t until I decided to combine it with our backwoods plaid that I knew we had a winner. It has now become one of my personal favorite prints. I am so excited for this release. I believe we got this one right. It was important for me when designing this one that it would be something that our customers would be excited about and proud to wear. The pride backwoods is the most anticipated print to release this year and I expect it to sell out. 

After their successful Kickstarter in 2014 the guys from Bear Skn are back with a new way to deliver their amazing underwear. They have launched another Kickstarter campaign to kick off their Underwear of the Month Club!

Bear Skn was born out of a desire to provide more comfortable underwear for big bodies.  Setting itself apart from the entire underwear industry Bear Skn celebrates people of size. Being comfortable in who you are has been a core value and driving force behind everything Bear Skn does.  So from the beginning, it was important to show the real bodies the underwear was designed for.  Bear Skn celebrates bigger bodies by not only providing products that fit, offering up to size 6XL, but showing diverse body types in all its marketing and social media. A quick browse through any Bear Skn social media channel, @bear_skn Instagram, @BearSkn Twitter, and Bear Skn on Facebook, you will see lots of bodies you normally do not see from any other underwear brand. “We started by doing our own photo shoots, but the photos we get from our fans are so much more popular” Bjorn Ryan-Gorman, Bear Skn Creative Director.

“Before we started Bear Skn we would look at a package of plus size underwear and it had the same model you see on the smalls and I always thought well this is not the same underwear, how do I know what its going to look like on me?” Jody Koenig, Bear Skn Co-Founder and Operations Manager.

Men should be comfortable in their own skin and even more comfortable in their underwear. Bear Skn is on a mission to make that a reality. Repositioned seams, fabric that moves the way you move, signature double layer of mesh for extra air flow and durability right where you need it the most all with no tag. “I wanted to see men that looked like me in the underwear I was about to buy.”  In the past 3 years running Bear Skn, Co-Founder Jody Koenig has learned that they weren’t alone in their quest for comfortable underwear.

Underwear is the one piece of clothing that you spend the most time in and its closest to you during the day so its important that you feel good in it.  One of the best feelings in the world is putting on a new pair of underwear and we believe that everyone should get that experience. Just because you are a bigger person you should not be unable to have this experience. An underwear subscription is the best way to have a new pair of underwear delivered to you each month packed with comfort. An underwear subscription is a fun way for customers to get a new pair of underwear in the mail each month and it also helps us at Bear Skn continue to provide new designs.

What people are saying about Bear Skn;

Great boxers. Now I have almost every color. Great fit and comfort even in hot south Texas weather.” – Ken M.

“The boxer briefs are super soft and comfortable. They fit me very well. I will be ordering more soon.” -Timothy A.

Using the Kickstarter exclusive pricing you can refresh your underwear drawer with a new pair each month. Limited “Early Bird” deals, so be sure to back this campaign quickly before they are gone.

Bear Skn, the brand making comfortable underwear for men of size just launched a new collection for summer. They took all the best features of their other products and combined them for new bamboo drawers with sizes to 6X.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who likes the old school brief, or a fan of the boxer brief, you’ll find something here that works for you. Choose from green, red, or blue (greenery, river blue, or tangerine), as well as striped or solid patterns, and you’re good to go.

Knowing that fit is vital to big guys, they focused on making sure that no matter what you’re doing in their underwear, you’ll always be comfortable.

[The new brief offers] 4-way stretch and is form-fitting, but does not constrict at all. It’s also cool to the touch, ultra breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and generally amazing.

It’s also tagless, which means no scratchy badness to deal with. The new Bear Skn bamboo collection starts at $19.99 and $22.99 for solid briefs and boxer briefs, respectively, and $24.99 for the striped versions. Three packs are also available.

Bear Skn Bamboo Briefs – Cool and lightweight bamboo fabric, they just feel like you’re not wearing any underwear at all! Now in four all new colors, each with our Signature Breathable Mesh Zone. This limited edition style virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. You’ll want to buy a pair to wear everyday. Seriously, they’re that amazing.
Model: Bruin Collinsworth
Photographer: Gabriel Gastelum

Night Roof-20-a

BearSkn is a company for guys of all sizes. It specializes in bigger guys. This is a shoot they did that features the Neon Brights Collection.

This is what designer Bjorn Ryan-Gorman had visioned for the Neon Brights Collection and we finally got the shoots he was looking for.  With additional influence from the gritty 2011 L.A. movie ‘Drive’ with Ryan Gosling.

Photographers: Bjorn Ryan-Gorman, Nick Weber

Models: Robert Sanchez, Martin Free Ramos, Jody Koenig

2015First we have to thank all our sponsors who made this shoot possible. They are Macondo Trading (Clever, Pikante, Ergowear & Candyman), Cocksox, N2N Bodywear, Jack Adams, Junk Underjeans, Bülge Clothing, Yocisco and BearSkn. Our models are Chandler, Drew, Wes, Damien and Pat. Our amazing photographer was Taylor Campbell. It was shot at Maps Studio in the Atlanta are!

To buy a pair click the link on the name of the pair. You will be taken to that brands official site to buy!

Macondo Trading – Clever Moda


Clever has some hot new styles and prints this season

Macondo Trading – Ergowear


Ergowear is known for it’s amazing pouch that gives great support and awesome fabric

Macondo Trading – Candyman


Candyman is known for their fun styles and sexy fabrics/cuts.

Macondo Trading – Pikante

Pikante has some awesome prints and some super sexy pairs in this collection





Cocksox is known for their awesome pouch, fun colors and sexy styling

N2N Bodywear


N2N Bodywear makes underwear that ranges from classic to super sexy.

Jack Adams


Jack Adams has a new designer and a new look that has given them a new look!

Junk UnderJeans


Junk UnderJeans is making amazing new pairs such as the Junk X and more!

BüLGE Clothing


BüLGE Clothing makes perfect underwear for working out with these super comfy shirts and boxer briefs



BearSkn makes underwear for guys of all sizes, everyone should feel super sexy!



YOCISCO started making amazing jocks and now have made some amazing briefs.

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Thanks to all the brands, models, photographers and people who helped make this guide amazing

Where to buy:

neon 3-pack-01

BearSkn is a brand that is made for all guys. They believe no matter your size you should enjoy awesome underwear! We have worked with them some and I have tried their underwear and it fits great and feels amazing. They have sizes for bigger guys but don’t let the name fool you, its for everyone!

They have just released the new Neon Brights. Which is a bamboo Boxer Brief that has a black body with a neon trim. Along with the trim is a neon branded waistband. The colors are Knockout Pink, Clownfish Orange and Gecko Green.

Here is what the brand told us about the new collection:

A premium addition to the Bear Skn collection and to your wardrobe. The Neon Brights features sustainable Bamboo fabric, that adjusts to your body temperature, is moisture absorbent, and anti-bacterial. All with our signature mesh zone for extra breathability right where you need it most.

  • Temperature match (cooler in summer, warmer in winter)
  • Softer than cotton
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Anti-fungal and oder resistant
  • Eco-Friendly natural fibers
  • MATERIALS: 95% Bamboo, 5% Elastane, Mesh: 95% Polyester
  • FABRIC CARE: Machine Wash Cold

The Neon Brights collection retails for $24.99 at the Bearskn site

Unknown-11Before I start this review that was furnished by BearSkn. I have to tell you a bit about BearSkn. They are an underwear company made for all men. Meaning size is not an issue. They have sizes from small to 6XL. You heard me right 6XL. So no matter your size you will find some undies you will like.

I’m a bigger guy. I have about a 40 waist back up from 36 over a year ago. I want to get back down but finding undies to fit is not always easy. Many brands don’t go above 38 and some just up to 36 inches. Its frustrating to see great undies I can’t wear. But I digress!

The brief looks like like a brief. To me it seemed a little boring in the design department when I saw it in pictures. It was a “yeah it’s a brief nothing special.” The fabric looked like cotton and maybe a blend, it didn’t catch me. BearSkn sent me a few briefs to try, I was giving it the good ole UNB try.

The first thing I noticed was the fabric. All my preconcived ideas of hte pair were blown away. The fabric was not stiff but super soft. I had to do a double take on the fabric. It was pretty awesome. The fabric is 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane, Mesh: 95% Polyester. The mesh is at the bottom of the pair to allow extra air flow, which is awesome! It all goes back to what we have been told. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And I won’t be doing that again with BearSkn.

I wore this pair on a night out for a friends birthday. It felt great under my jeans. The mesh panel came in handy because it was a hot almost summer night in ATL and the restaurant didn’t have the air on. It was horrible to be in 80+ degree heat with humidity. So the mesh made me feel comfy, well as I could for

The sizing of the pair is amazing. I got an XL and it fit me very well. You def will need to look at their sizing chart if you go into the larger sizes. But it should be pretty standard sizing from Small through XL.


  • Amazing super soft pattern
  • Mesh Panel to allow air flow
  • Sizing is great


  • It may not be super sexy for some guys (but it’s comfy as hell).
  • Simple waistband (I’m a waistband guy would love to see some BearSkn logo or soemthing in the band)


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Materials – 10
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

This pair was furnished for review by BearSkn. The brief retails for $20 and available in 5 colors.

Duane cooking B&W-2Real Underwear for real guys is our tag line here at UNB. Underwear is not just for the 20 year old, 30 inch waisted twink guy. It’s for all guys, ages, races and sizes. There is a company that is catering to the bigger guy. Speaking as one of the bigger guys it’s great to see. When I was younger i was one of those 31 inch waist twink guys but the older you get the metabolism slows down. And careers and life get in the way.

This is a shoot they did just recently. It features the Standard Issue Brief:

The Standard Issue was made to fit the needs of every guy, both big and small. Perfect for active guys, its four-way stretch cotton and elastane blended fabric eliminates sagging and stretching, while a comfortable pouch gently holds your most delicate parts in place without unnecessary constriction; meanwhile, a double layer of mesh between the legs increases airflow while seamed stitches on the waistband reduces unwanted rollover

We hope you enjoy a different kind of shoot! Remember underwear is for all of us! No matter what your size you can wear Bearskn so go check it out.



One thing we hear all the time is that guys of all sizes want great underwear. I know very few guys who look like underwear models, myself included. I have gone through my ups and downs and some brands I can wear while others I can’t. I will admit I do get frustrated that some of the amazing underwear and swim I can’t wear.

The growing market is for the “bears.” Which if you’re not familar its a guy who’s bigger in size and you can Google for all the descriptions. Trust me there is too much to go into. But I have talked to many guys who get frustrated as I do that bigger guys are only has boxer briefs. I am not a big fan of them and hate when the only size.

Here is what BearSkn has to say about the Standard Issue Brief: “Standard Issue Brief was made to fit the needs of every guy, both big and small. Perfect for active guys, its four-way stretch cotton and elastane blended fabric eliminates sagging and stretching, while a comfortable pouch gently holds your most delicate parts in place without unnecessary constriction; meanwhile, a double layer of mesh between the legs increases airflow while seamed stitches on the waistband reduces unwanted rollover.”

The sizing is for all guys. It range from Small to 6XL. That’s right we said 6XL. So underwear for all guys is moving mainstream. The brief retails for $20 and is available in 5 colors. To find out about the brand or shop the Standard Issue Brief, check out the BearSkn site.