Bench Underwear


A while back we brought you the new line called Bench. Its one of the most stylish lines we’ve seen at such a low cost. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions. I hope you enjoy them

I think it’s amazing you can see really great underwear for the price you sell it, what is your inspiration?

Our inspiration comes from two areas: the market and the fashion industry. We are very sensitive to what our customers want and at the same time we make sure that they are designed to reflect the latest trends. For instance, we recently released the Hippie collection—showcasing prints, colors and graphics taken form the 70’s. One prominent style in this collection is the Hipster brief—since this style is very salable and comfortable to wear. For the ladies’ line we introduced the Multi colored collection, which incorporates different colored fabrics into the same piece, drawing from the trend of multi patterns in outerwear. We chose for this the bikini brief cut—since this style is becoming a favorite with our customers.

Is Bench going to release new styles soon?

Yes, we have a lot of styles and designs in line for next year. We are constantly introducing new designs to the market—we found that this helps to keep our customers interested and strengthen their loyalty to the brand. Some of the collections that we will be releasing will be the Neon Collection (trendy underwear styles that use fluorescent colored materials) and the Multi Fabric Collection (underwear using multiple fabrics with different patterns). We will also introduce more print designs in paisley, Pucci-inspired and geometric patterns.

What have been your best sellers?

Our male customers still lean towards the classic styles and colors. However, recent collections have shown that the once timid male market has developed a very bold taste in underwear. This motivated us to be very aggressive in product design. The latest collections of underwear incorporate design elements such as color blocking, gradient rainbow prints and bright color combinations that have been very well received by our customers. For our ladies’ line, we have always been a fashion forward brand. But recent collections have catered to our customers’ sexier side—featuring touches like frilly ruffles, lace, and mesh that have proven to be an instant hit with the Bench woman.

I hope you will check out the Bench Site. Most of their underwear is under $10 a pair. Which in this day and age is rare!


We got word of a new underwear company that has really great styles and is very affordable. That company is called Bench. I have looked through their collection and most of it is around $7. Yes, that’s right, I said $7. They have a good sized selection that consists of solids and patterns. So, it’s not just three pairs of underwear. And yes they have briefs and boxer briefs/Trunks.

Renowned Filipino fashion designer, Lesley Mobo is collaborating with Bench to create a one of a kind underwear line for both men and women. The line features an array of styles from black and white briefs to colorful fancy lingerie pieces including panties adorned with skirts. Prices range from $4.99 for classic briefs to $13 for lace bras. The collection is available in all Bench, Herbench, Bench Body and Superbench outlets for your desire for London-style fashion.


Bench started in the Philippines in 1987 as a small boutique selling men’s t-shirts and has since grown at an unparalleled rate by pioneering the use of celebrity endorsements, television advertising, and billboards in its native country to propel itself to a fashion brand offering premium quality products at affordable prices.  Today, the Bench empire consists of HerBench, BenchBody, BabyBench, BenchFix haircare, HerBench Colors, house wares and a wide variety of lifestyle products, with the distinction of being present in virtually every retail space in the Philippines and a worldwide network of stores and outlets, including US, Middle East China and Taiwan. As it sliced through demographic barriers – age, gender, socio-economic status – a stirring slogan, “Bench is forever”, became the company’s abiding creed.

You can visit their site at: