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Her e is I hope the final update for the Beyond Big Branding Long Johns winners. You should have received an email from them yesterday telling you how to redeem your prize. I first want to apologize for how long this has taken. I have been working behind the scenes for a while to get this cleared up. I will be sending winners an email as well today. If any of the winners has any problems email me directly at

We have received many emails and Facebook posts about the winners of the Long Johns. First off let me personally apologize for it taking as long as it has. I have been working to get this finalized as fast as I can. I have talked to Beyond Big Branding and here is what we are going to do:

  • You maybe getting regular underwear instead of long johns.
  • Winners should be getting an email in the next week from Beyond Big Branding about the prizes
  • Hopefully by the end of the month it should be all sent out.

If you have any questions please contact us. We will keep you posted on here and out Facebook page. Again we are very sorry for the delay and we are working to get this cleared up as soon as we can.


We bring to a close our great contest,. We had over 1,100 entries in the month. So it was a great success! And now on with the week four winners and the big winner as well:

  • Gerard C – Laguna Beach, CA
  • Adam B – Dayton, OH
  • Andy W – Smyrna, GA
  • Ben G. – London
  • Feng Y – Penang
  • Chee S – Austin TX
  • Robin B – Albrightsville, PA – Grand Prize Winner

Thanks for all those who entered and for Beyond Big Branding for giving us the opportunity. Check them out and alltheir brands.

Stay tuend we are working on our next giveaway

Beyond Big Branding has opened their first Store! This is one of the pictures they sent us. We are going to tell you more about it very soon! It’s very cool to see a store just for underwear. There are very few out there, especially in a mall! They have Piss & Vinegar, Lazzy Bum, Expose and Addicted!

But in the mean time, make sure you go and sign up for the Long Johns Giveaway!  You have one more week left. Well under a week, till Tuesday. Wednesday we wil announce the the last winner and the one lucky winner to recieved 18 pairs!

To enter go to our Giveaway page!

We are pleased to announce the winners for week three in our Beyond Big Branding Long Johns Giveaway! We have seven lucky winners. But don’t fret, there is one more week and our final winner will win LOTS of undies! So keep entering until Tuesday! Here is this weeks winners:

  • Travis W – Dana Point, CA
  • Michael L – Toronto, ON
  • Eric B – Dallas, TX
  • Felix F – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Efrain S – L0s Angeles
  • Collin M – Lancashire UK
  • Jason O – Yoakum, TX

Congrats guys and for the rest make sure you enter daily at our Giveaway Page!

Sorry guys our post was updated and scheduled to go but when it posted no winners were on it! You have to love Technology sometimes. But with our any further waiting here are the winners:

  • Trever K – London, Ontario
  • Cliff T – Minneapolis, MN
  • Jason O – Yoakum, TX
  • Matthew B – Steele, NSW
  • Blair K – Portland, OR
  • Matt J – Pasadena, CA
  • Rob S, Victoria Australia

Congrats and we will have more winners this next week!

In the mean time check out all the undies at Beyond Big Branding

There seems to be no stopping winter! If you are like me you are wishing you were some where in the southern hemisphere. Some where like Rio, Sydney or Johannesburg. But we are stuck here in the US. Well we will keep you warm. We are giving away pairs of long johns from Beyond Big Branding. They are fun and not your father’s long johns. Just go to our Giveaway page and enter!

The Winners for this week are:

  • Test

We have two more weeks so never fear! We have more to giveaway! So enter soon and enter often!

Yes, we keep trying to keep our readers warm! With the Long Johns from Beyond Big Branding you could walk along in the scene above and still be warm! It’s crazy cold and you have to do all you can to stay warm! Well enter the giveaway and you could be warm for this winter! Go to our giveaway page and enter. You can enter once a day until the end of the month… unless you win a pair! Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Week one down and three more to go! We are pleased to announce the winners. Before we do, when you sign up check the confirmation screen for a special offer from Beyond Big Branding! And to make things even better, one lucky winner will win 18 pairs! So that should give you some incentive to register!

The First Seven Winners are:

  • Kevin O – Warwick, RI
  • John R – Stoughton, WI
  • Cliff T – Minneapolis, MN
  • Greg O – Palm Harbor, FL
  • Andrew O – Mangalor
  • Jeremy S – Havelock, NC
  • Raymond L – New York, NY

To Enter for the remaining weeks, go to our Giveaway Page!

Its getting very cold lately and most major cities in the US are FREEZING! The forecasts for major cities are:

  • New York – Low temps in the 20’s
  • Chicago – Low temps in the Teens
  • Atlanta – Low temps in the 30’s
  • Las Vegas – Low temps in the 40’s

Just about the entire country has been COLD, and to keep you warm, we have teamed up with Beyond Big Brands to get you some super fun long johns. We will be giving away almost a pair a day. Winners will be announced every Wednesday for the previous week. Make sure you enter every day to better your chance to win. To enter go to our Giveaway page!