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Firs thing I have to do before we get into the guide is thank the awesome sponsors above! Pistol Pete – Gold Sponsor, Clever/Vuthy & Croota – Silver Sponsors and Good Boy Gone Bad and UnderGear as Bronze sponsors! Without them this guide would not have taken place. Next, I have to thank our photographer Brian from Seven Continents Photography and our Models Cody, Christian and Juan. Our sponsors allowed us for the first time to hire models and do a shoot all ourselves. It is a big learning process and things had bumps (models falling out the week before), but we carried on and pushed forward. We think we did a great job for our first attempt and we will learn more each time!

We had over 60 suits and a full day by the lake and then a re-shoot by a pool this past weekend. It has been a blast and I hope you enjoy this guide and it helps you get some great swimsuits this year! Our Models are Cody, Juan and Christian. Please check out our Videos on YouTube Enjoy the Guide! BTW, don’t forget to check individual size charts!

Pistol Pete

From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Cruise Midcut in Red.  The suit is also available in black and Navy. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $44.00
  • Christian is wearing the Nautical Midcut. The suit is only available in Navy/White. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $45.00
  • Juan is wearing the the Nouveau Midcut in Navy. The suit is also available in black and white. Sizes are Small to X-Large – $44.00

From Left to right:

  • Christian is wearing the Titan Brief in Khaki and Blue. The pair is also available in Blue/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $42.00
  • Juan is wearing the Windjammer Brief in Black/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large – $42.00
  • Cody is wearing the All Star Lace up Brief in Blue/Black. The pair is also available in Black/Lime, and Red/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $42.00

From Left to Rigth:

  • Juan is wearing the Sail Midcut in Black. The pair is also available in Red and Navy. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Cody is wearing the Zipline Midcut in Red/Black. The pair is also available in Black/White. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Christian is wearing the Racer Midcut. Only Available in Black/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00

From Left to Right:

  • Juan is wearing the Steel Midcut in Gold. The pair is also available in Silver. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $44.00
  • Cody is wearing the Calipso Midcut. The pair is only available in blue. Sizes are Small – X-Large – $44.00


Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Clever 0543 Dragon. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $48.00
  • Juan is wearing the Clever 0544 Skull and Roses suit. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large $48.


From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Vuthy 271 Bikini in Blue. Also available in Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $56
  • Juan is wearing the Vuthy 287 Brief in White/Black Also available in White/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $62.00


  • Juan is wearing the Vuthy 316 Board Shorts in Blue. Also available in Red. Size are Small – X-Large. $69


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

Cody is wearing the Body Tech Brasilia Swim Brief. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $35

Good Boy Gone Bad

From Left to Right:




From Left to Right:

N2N Bodywear

From Left to Right

  • Juan is wearing the South Beach swimsuit in Ocean Blue. Also available in Lavender. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $24
  • Christian is wearing the Combat Trunk in Orange. Also available in Navy and Grey. Sizes are from Small – X-Large. $24
  • Cody is wearing the LA X in Charcoal. Also available in Navy and Red. Sizes are from Small – X-Large. $21

  • Juan is wearing the Black Dynasty Trunk. Available as shown. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $25

Gregg Homme

  • Juan is wearing the Retro Briefs in Aqua. Also available in Pewter, Aqua, Magenta, White and Purple. Size are X-Small – X-Large. $53.95

Andrew Christian

From Left to Right:

  • Christian is wearing the Navigator Swim Short. Also available in Royal. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $55
  • Cody is wearing Reversible Mesh Bikini, the revers side is Royal. Also available in Black/Gold, Black/Aqua. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $36


From Left to Right:

  • Christian is wearing the Malibu Red swimsuit. Also available in Blue, Orange and Military Green. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $45
  • Cody is wearing the Matador Swim in Orange and White. Also available in White/Navy/Yellow, Green/White/Navy, Red/White/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $38
  • Juan is wearing the Speedster in Royal. Also available in Black, Red, Orange, Green, Burgundy, Purple, White, Red and Grey. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $49


From Left to Right

  • Cody is wearing an OrcaBlu Hawaii Blu Floral Swim Brief
  • Cody is wearing an OrcaBlu Powder Blu Graffiti Square Cut
  • Christian is wearing an OrcaBlue Navy/Red Nautical Square Cut


From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

  • Juan is wearing the Rufskin Milano – Turquoise. Also available in red. Sizes are Small – Large. $54
  • Christian is wearing the Rufskin Positano – White. Also available in White. Sizes are Small – Large. $48
  • Cody is wearing the Rufskin St. Tropez – Black. Also available in White. Sizes are Small – Large. $48

  • Juan is wearing the 2EROS Vanish Swim Brief in Cyan. Also available in Magenta. Sizes are X-Small – Large. $40


From Left to right:

  • Cody is wearing the Numeral 6 suit. Available as shown in Black/Red. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40
  • Juan is wearing the Numeral 4 suit. Available as shown in White/Blue. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40
  • Christian is wearing the Numeral 5 suit. Available as shown in White/Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $40

Frank Dandy

From Left to Right:


From Left to Right:

  • Cody is wearing the Swim Trunk CX08WL in Switch Blue. Also available in Sub Black. Sizes are Small – X-Large. $47.25
  • Juan is wearing the Extreme Boy-leg Swim Brief CX79PR in Red (Lifesaver). Also available in Black (Ahoy). Sizes are Small – X-Large. $43.50


We hope you enjoy this guide for swimwear for summer! Watch over the next few days for exclusive Brief Distractions from some of our Sponsors. Remember please check each company’s sizing charts, because they differ from company to company.

We are gearing up for Swim season (and yes pun is intended). UnderGear has released the new BodyTech Swim Collection for 2012. The new line mixes classic board shorts with swim briefs, so no matter which style you like you will be able to find something!

This is what UnderGear had to say about the collection. “We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Body Tech swimwear line, available online now! For years we’ve carried the Body Tech underwear and apparel line at UnderGear. Noted for bold underwear designs, Body Tech takes the plunge into designer men’s swimwear with these fashionable board shorts, swim briefs, and swim trunks featuring an eye-catching line up of engineered stripes.”

  • Tim in the Body Tech® Home Run Swim Short (green short with multi-stripe waist band, pictured above, also top row left)
  • Broderick in Body Tech® Angra Swim Squarecut (orange short with white drawstrings, pictured above, second row left)
  • Tim in the Body Tech® Classico Swim Trunk (navy short with side stripe, top row middle)
  • Will in Body Tech® Brasilia Swim Brief (top row on right)
  • Taylor in Body Tech® Surfista Board Short (white short with multi-stripe, Second row on right)

You can find these and many more suits at the UnderGear website!

Welcome to the 2012 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. This year we are showing you some of the special pairs just for Valentines day, but we are also showcasing the pairs you can wear year round. These are just a few we think would be amazing this Valentines Day. We would love to hear some of your suggestions so leave a comment or post on Facebook as well!

We also added some staff picks! See what a few of the guys think would make a great Valentines pair, Note some of the pics are in the guide. I picked these before I looked over the guys suggestions. I guess great minds think a like!

Note: The guide is set up so that each bullet is a picture. It goes left to right. Also, click any pic to make larger

Good Devil – Underwear Station

  • Flaming Hearts Brief – $22.00
  • You Complete Me Brief – $22.00
  • Zoom Carnival Thong – $19.00
  • Net Split Back G – $12.50

You can purchase these at the Underwear Station site


  • Love Me Brief – Valentines Exclusive – Price TBD
  • Love Me Trunk – Valentines exclusive – Price TBD
  • Military Sport Brief – $20.00
  • Sport No-Show Turnk – $28.00

You can purchase these at the 2(x)ist site or the Love me lines will be available at some of the bigger department stores

Modus Vivendi

  • Fur Jockstrap & Fur Snap Snood $33.37  & $61.61
  • Color Explosion Pocket Brief – Also a staff pic from Shane – $24.26
  • C-thru Red Brief – $30.42
  • Zipper Jockstrap – $35.42

You can purchase these at the Modus Vivendi site


  • Lace Stretch Brief
  • Extreme Pouch Short Trunk
  • Zeus
  • Butler Costume

Please check the MalePower Site for where to purchase


  • Rufskin Jessie Brief – $31.00
  • Timoteo Athletic Jock – $ 22.00
  • N2N Black Bikini – $24.00
  • Narciso Eddie-Siglo Boxer Brief – $21.00

You can purchase these at the Erogenos site.

 Gregg Homme

  • Kink Double Thong
  • Steam Super Jock
  • Xcess Boxer Brief
  • Schandal Briefs

You can purchase these from the Gregg Homme Site

 Andrew Christian

  • Sweetheart Valentine’s Air Jock w/Sho-it- Limited edition Valentine’s pair – $23.00
  • V-Slim Boxer – $27.00
  • Almost Naked Sheer Boxer – $27.00
  • Nanofit Brief $22.00

You can Purchase these at the Andrew Christian store.


  • Doreanse Swift Bikini – Also a staff pick by Briefs Atlanta – $16.00
  • BodyTech Maximiser Bikini – $17.00
  • Python Bikini – $22.00
  • Blue Line Microfiber Trunk – $14.00

These can be purchased at the Site


  • CX01 Brief Red – $25.50
  • CX05 Mesh Thong Black – $26.50
  • CX01 Leopard Brief – $28.50
  • Leopard Jock – also staff pic by Tim – $28.50

These maybe purchased at the Cocksox Site


  • First Class Server
  • 9522 Zipper Brief
  • Jockthong
  • 9576 Strap Boxer

You may find these at some of your favorite retailers online


  • Action Cool Brief – $18.00
  • Light Jock – $15.00
  • SnugFit Seamless Fishnet Trunk – $24.00
  • Burnout Brief – $22.00

These can be bought from the Baskit website


  • WJ-Raw Brief – Staff pick by Sean – $25.59
  • PocketJockit – $24.00
  • Flaunt Trunk – $31.00
  • Catch of the Day – $33.00

These can be bought at the AussieBum Site.


 Staff Picks:

  • N2N Odyssey G – UNB Thong Guy – $18.00
  • Gregg Homme – After Hour Thong – Sean
  • AussieBum – Hunk Jock – Sean – $18.00
  • N2N– BT String – Sean – $14.00
  • Joe Snyder – JS26 Kinny – Sean – $29.00
  • Modus Vivendi – Premium T-string 13012 Skulls – Sean – $36.00

See above for other staff pics. We had great minds and many that were chosen were also chosen as staff picks too!

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Iqoniq is offering FREE worldwide shipping. Many of you have tried them, and if you haven’t now is your chance. We will be bringing you a lot more about them in the next few weeks. but check them out in the mean time! This offer is good through June 21st!
Baskit is having a Father’s Day sale. They are giving you 25% off everything from now till June 17th. Go to the Baskit Site for more details
It’s Summer time and WildmanT says it’s time to show some skin. Check out the swimwear that will make you look the best.
Dead Good Undies has new ManStore, HOM and Olaf Benz in stock. The ManStore is the new M240 in Black, yellow or purple. Where as the HOM is the Boreal swim brief. Lastly check out the new swim by Olaf Benz.
NuWear has over 25 style to save on this Father’s Day. They have plenty of $10 deals for Dad. Plus you can get free shipping! is giving you 25% off over 100 styles of Calvin Klein. If you love CK then check out the sale. Remember Fresh Pair gives you free shipping on all your orders, if you are in the US! is giving you 20% off 4 items or more! Just use code U1JEB at check out until June 13th. While there check out the new BodyTech Aloha collection!

I love getting new undies to review. It’s like an honest version of Christmas. A surprise package arrives at your door, you open it up and you don’t have to lie saying you like it; you can give the honest truth.

When I first opened the package and saw the Body Tech Colorblocked Briefs, I thought it was a joke, I thought Body Tech had made undies out of the scraps left on the cutting room floor. That said, I loved how they looked. They are different, made with a panel construction each of a different color. These panels help the briefs hug your body and really show off the pouch.

These briefs fit well and hugged even my lacking rear-end. The separate pouch in the front could be a little bigger but it works well to bring the boys front and center without pushing them too far out.

These briefs also have some cool grommets on the front of the waistband to give them some flair above the pants. After only wearing them a few times, one of the grommets is starting to fall out and these briefs have never even been in the dryer.

I really fell in love with the bright colors and unique panel design as well as the fit. I wish the construction was a little better but I will continue to wear them with or without the grommet.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 3
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

These were furnished for review by UnderGear.

  • Cityboyz Fashions now has Papi Three packs. You can get some of your favorite Papi underwear in a convenient three pack. They include the Low Rise Briefs!
  • is giving you 25% off some of the newest styles. They feature the great cuts and impressive construction Unico is known for. You can save 25% off Calvin Klein, C-IN2, Boss and Clever
  • Male Basics has the brand new lines from Pikante, Clever and PPU. You can get some great styles and then also get free shipping in the US. Check out all the colorful styles.
  • is giving you 10% off the Freeman Underwear line! That is when you buy 3 or more styles. Check out the entire range. We will be bringing you more information about the line soon.
  • Fill Your Easter Baskit at Palace Trunks. Until 4/4/10 you an save 25% off all Baskit Underwear! If you spend $25 or more on your order you get free shipping.
  • Jockstrap Central has new Erotic styles from Male Power. “We’ve just expanded our Male Power range with 3 new sexy products including a slinkier version of their Moonshine jock, a zippered short and a white version of their popular ribbed mesh jockstrap.”
  • Are you going to the White Party? If so Andrew Christian is your party Headquarters. You can save 20% off selected styles. Just use 20WHITEHQ at check out. You can save on most white styles. The sale ends 4/4/10
  • Oboy has Brand new! XTG swimwear 2010 Fashionista can breathe a sigh of relief. The new beach styles by the spanish cult label have just arrived. Fancy, uncompromising & extremely hot. Now at OBOY!
  • Dead Good Undies has 8 New Sloggi Designs. 6 out of the 8 are exclusive to Dead Good Undies. If you want to find out what they are, head over to the Dead Good Undies Site!
  • Malestrom is having it’s semi-annual CK sale. You save 25% off all CK and up to 50% off clearance Items. While you’re there check out the BumGear Neon, Unico Caliza and BumGear Ducky Swimsuit!
  • UnderGear has the brand new Obviously in stock. The great colors from a really great gand. You can save $20 off orders $75 or more and $30 off orders $100 or more. Use code UGB201 at check out. Lastly, they have 2(x)ist Surf 25% off till April 4th.
  • Wyzman is giving you 25% off Calvin Klein. But hurry, it’s for a limited time and on a limited quantity! So get shopping now!
  • Skiviez has only a few days left to save on some of your favorite styles! The 25% off sales end on 4/4/10. You can save 25% off on Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist Surf. Then check out the new Gregg Homme!
  • NuWear is giving you 45% off, yes we said 45% off Private Structure. you can save on over 50 different styles from underwear to shirts and a lot more. Check out the great styles they offer.
  • At Pacific Jock, you can’t miss this HUGE 50% off Sale on all older stock Ginch Gonch underwear.  Try on the Electric Eagles, Feathers of Fire, Pretty Kitties and more…at this price you can afford the entire collection!  So check out the Ginch Gonch underwear, it’s time to feel like a kid again.
  • has some really new and the best enhancing underwear! The new styles will help you look your best. They have over 70 styles available. That include Andrew Christian, GBGB, Gia, Go Softwear, Gregg Homme, Rufskin, WildmanT and more! Check out all the styles. While you’re there check out the newly added PIstol Pete!
  • His room has 4 new enhanced styles that have just arrived. Undergear, Extreme, Manzone and Bodytech. All very fun and body conscious. Check out the entire lines of each!
  • It’s Easter time, and while we can’t send you all some Chocolate, we can give you something to keep your Eggs in… From now until April 6th we’ll send a free pair of briefs with ever order over £12 Log on to and take advantage of this great offer. And while your there look out for our other deals. Have a great Easter from all the team here at Dirty Fukker Underwear.
  • James Tudor is giving you something to celebrate for Easter. You get 20% off everything! Just go to their site and use code JTFMMC20 at check out to get the savings!
  • His trunks has 2Eros on sale this week only. You can get some of the great swimwear/underwear for only $20! The pair originally retails for $30. Check out the entire line at their site.

Here are your Sales Briefs for Today!

Erogenos has the great new exist Surf Collection, which feature vibrant color combination’s in the 2xist’s signature no-show brief and trunk. They also have the new sheer Rufskin collection. They are super soft sheer fabrics with unique design element. They now have the BodyTech line as well as new Andrew Christian Swimwear.

DT Clothes is having a sale on its DT Ultra collection 09. They have the DT Underwear, The Orginal Vac-Pac Undies. Check out all the really fun designs they have out now!

Below the Belt has Ristefsky Macheda underwear for $15. The full range of Ristefsky Macheda underwear have been reduced to just $15. All sizes available at time of newsletter, a choice of 8 colours. Order now and don’t miss out!

Skiveiz has some rand new styles for spring: They include: Puma, Pikante, Andrew Christian Shock Jock, and Skiviez Boast! These are just a few of the great pairs they have at Skiviez!

NuWear is having a Private Structure sale! You can save 40% off 28 styles. Limited quantity are available so make sure you order it early! Or you will miss out on some great color combination’s!

Below the Belt has an Andrew Christian Combo offer. For $49.99 (AUS) you can get yourself this Andrew Christian Special Combo Offer. It includes 1 each of the Pro Lifeguard trunk in Black and Almost Naked Jock. Stock is limited so be quick to take advantage of this offer while available.

Save 10% off your next order at Mensuas. Use promotion code 10mar at checkout and save on all regular priced items. Sale is good on new orders placed at Mensuas and is not valid on PPU Underwear.

Audace is giving you 30-50% off selected Calvin Klein styles. The supplies are limited! If you don’t see a size you want email them! This has been a popular sale and make sure you get yours soon or they could all be gone.

Jockboy Locker is giving you $5 off your next order, Just enter code RELAUNCH at check out, but the offer ends March 12h. Right now you can save on Ginch Gonch and new items from C-IN2.

Wyzman has the new 2010 Clever Underwear Collection. Check out the entire new line. It’s a really fun and colorful collection. So if you’re big into color then you need to check out this line! It’s really amazing!

UnderGear is letting you Take $15 off your order of $75 or more or $25 off your order of $100 or more. Just make sure you use Promo Code UGA301 at check out. This offer expires March 8th.

Dead Good Undies has some great new undies. Maybe you need some of the darker side of undies and you need to check out the new 18 styles from Gregg Homme! Or maybe you want some Jockey and you buy 3 Jockey USA Concept and get a free Jockey towel. Lastly you can get some Sloggi for men, that aren’t just for basics, you can get the silky smooth Splendido Briefs and hip shorts.

Look good in C-IN2, When you spend $50 at the C-IN2U sotre you get free shipping. Canadian shipping starts at $7.05 and international at $12.95. So you can shop and get some great shipping prices.

Global Guys Gear is doing a Clearance sale. Stand clear because prices are following. Everything is 30%. Stock is limited so stay clear and use code leasesale at check out! Sale ends at Midnight March 31st!

Cocksox has a new pair out (Look this week for more details) and its the Cocksox classic with a  twist its’ red on red. Also check out the CX Active sports thong for the active guy. You can get free shipping and no code is necessary! So go check it out!

10 is giving you 20% off when you purchase three or more items. The Brands you can choose from are Baskit, Andrew Christian, Timoteo, N2N Bodywear and Rufskin. The sale ends March 9th.

Cityboyz Fashions is giving you 25% off Tribe Swimwear. Tribe Underwear and Swimwear  has quickly earned a reputation for its innovative and stylish designs. Valid through Tuesday March 9th 2010.

Here are the Sales Breifs:

  • 10 is giving you 10% off support and enhancement styles. They include Andrew Christian, Gregg Homme, Joe Snyder, Extreme Collection, Gia, Rufskin, Bodytech and Sculptees.  The sale ends Jan. 23rd!
  • Mensuas is having a warehouse moving sale. You can save up to 80% off selected items. 40% off all Unico Underwear, 15% off all Speedo and a lot more is on sale. Check out all the deals at their site
  • Dead Good Undies has new Sloggi and HOM in stock. They have the new Sloggi Madison, available in short and brief. Then they have the new HOM Black Addict Deep hipster UP! They also have some great micro, maxi and the e.Go hipster! Check out all the HOM.
  • Planet Undies has four new amazing brands they are now selling. Barcode, Schultz, Dietz and Bumgear. Barcode as we profileed has some great jocks. Schultz does really great low rise briefs with great sayings on them. BumGear is for you if you love sheer or mesh underwear and Dietz has some really body conscious fun styles you will love.
  • Wyzman has Candyman Underwear. They have them just in time for Valentines Day. They are a mix of underwear and costumes. You can get a cowboy, prisoner, maid and more. As they say “its created for the playful side of your ego..”
  • His Room is giving you 25% off Man Silk. Which is prefect for Valentines day coming up. You can get some silk boxer or something else made of silk. You can also still check out the sell on Obviously and you get your money back if you don’t like them.
  • Cocksox is giving you 10 to 30% off the Cocksox range from now till Midnight February 1st, this is in honor of Australia Day. On January 26, 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Australia with a bunch of ships full of horny convicts and sailors who hadn’t touched dry land or alcohol for months. They got ashore, tapped the kegs and got seriously hammered at Sydney’s first beach party. What a way to start a country! To keep the convict party spirit alive, we’re celebrating our nation’s founding by giving you the chance to RIP US OFF! That’s right! We’ve ripped 10 – 30% off prices across the Cocksox® range so you can get your own Australia Day Party seriously started.
  • UnderGear is continuing their Winter Sale. Saving have been 50% and now they are giving you up to 60% off! The new reductions have been taken. While you are there you can still get a Calendar, the 12 Months of Perfection if you spend $50 or more!
  • Are you a fan of C-IN2. Do you need to stock up? If so if you buy 6 pairs you get two pairs free. You can buy any of the great styles they have, but know the free styles are chosen by random by CIN2U. The sale ends January 29, 2010.
  • NuWear is having a BIG SALE. You can save up to 50% off selected items from Triple XXX, JM, N2N Bodywear, C-IN2, Male Power, Punto Blanco, Go Softwear, Gonch Gonch and Greg Homme. You can choose some of the best styles.

Here are your sales briefs for today, notice the clearance sale trends:

  • Undergear is giving you up to 50% off in their winter sale. You can save on some of your favorite brands and styles. Also, while you’re there make sure you check out the 12 Months of Perfection calendar. New styles have been added from Unico, LASC and 3G!
  • Dead Good Undies has the new brand e.Go in stock. Its a really funky and fun underwear company with some great patterns. They have some of the best of men’s underwear around and you can save on their clearance sale, up to 80% off select styles!
  • Skiviez has a great clearance sale going on. Right now seems to be the time for clearance sales. You can save up to 70% off 2(x)ist, Hugo Boss, CalvinKlien and Tommy Hilfiger! Go check out all the styles on sale
  • Wanna be like an underwear model? Well then Ginch Gonch can help, they say stuff a sock in it! If you get two pairs of Ginch Gonch Underwear you get a free pair of socks! But the promotion lasts as long as the socks do, so if you want them buy early!
  • NuWear has some great new undies in stock. They have some from Pikante, Candy Man and Body Tech! NuWear always has some of the sexiest underwear around! Check out all the great new additions.
  • Cityboyz Fashions has brand new underwear from Clever and Tulio. The Clever underwear has the new music themed undies. While with Tulio you can get some great new swimwear. Check out the NorCalBodz models while you are at Cityboyz!
  • 10 Percent is giving you three ways to save off your order! You can save $10 off orders of $100, $20 of orders $150 or more and $40 off orders $200 or more! You can save on the new Good Boy Gone Bad!
  • Fresh Pair wants to spice up your Valentine’s Day with red underwear, t-shirts and more! Get something really great for that special day. While you are there check out the on going clearance sale where you can save up to 60% off!

maximizer1 maximizer2

Here is this week’s undies for the Undies of the Week. We are featuring Body Tech ™ Maximiser Bikini. It is form fitting and eye catching! You get full coverage and it helps maximize your body image. They come in black, turquoise and white.

From the Undergear Site:

Body Tech™ Maximiser Bikini
Taking your body image to the max. In colors that pop and pared-down styles created to insure that less is always more! Individual panels and careful contouring add to the effect. Cotton/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

The bikini is made of a cotton/spandex blend and can be found at Undergear for $16.99. While you are there checking out the bikini, check out the other Body Tech ™ items such as their athletic bikini, thong, and trunk.

Our friends over at UnderGear sent us some really great undies to review. We will be posting the Extreme Ring Bikini and Trunk soon. I have the honor of reviewing the Bodytech Line! We got 4 items from Body Tech and I will be reviewing 3 of them.

The pair I’m reviewing today is the Zonic Brief. When I saw these on the site, I thought they were really cool. I love the color and the designs and are really fun to me! I thought they looked like nylon spandex, but when I got them, I noticed something different. The leg openings didn’t have any elastic. That made me do a double take! I opened it and noticed they weren’t spandex, but 100% nylon. I was so excited. I love nylon undies and I will say they are kind of a “love it or hate it” type of underwear.

Nylon undies don’t stretch much and they are made to fit. I have loved nylon undies since I was young. Some of the earliest ones I had were 100% nylon. Of course. I was excited about trying them. As I mentioned above, they are pretty much all or nothing. If they are too small, then you will know it right away, and if they are too big, the support is out the window. These were made perfectly, unlike the nylon undies of my youth, primarily because they had a great pouch. I was surprised that the previous ones were regular cut bikinis or briefs and no pouch.

The color of this (red, white, and blue) was awesome. They are a really fun pair of undies. I wore them for a day and they never lost their shape or made me uncomfortable. I am glad they are making fun and colorful nylon undies again. They are super fun!

As I said, everyone I know who loves undies, either likes or hates nylon. Be prepared if you have never worn any. They are very different from any other undies you are accustomed. Get them on sale if you want to try them and make up your mind. If you know you love Nylon undies, then I highly recommend them. If you’re like me it will remind you of your teens!

Fit:                   4.75

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4.75

Look:                4.75

Daily Wear:       4.75

Overall:            4.8

These briefs were furnished by UnderGear. They can be purchased from their website. They are $19.99, but are on sale for 10.99.  Hurry!  They maybe off sale when you read this! This sale is perfect if you want to try Nylon undies!

NOTE: I couldn’t find these on the site, I tired to get some better pics, but am posting with the Body Tech Solid Brief which has the same design. They are a great design


Let’s face it, It’s hard to physically make your penis bigger. A new trend in men’s underwear, however, might be able to help you out without going under the knife. Who wants someone rummaging around down there with a knife anyways? Whether you like it or not, both women and men are looking at your bulge. Why not give them something to stare at? Men’s enhancement undies have come a long way in the last year. No more of those noticeable butt pads or restricting pouches. These advancements have taken men’s underwear to a whole new level. Why waste your time on pills, creams, and expensive surgeries when you can get yourself a nice pair of enhancement undies? Get them and watch what happens!

There are many different types of butt enhancement undies out on the market. All of these styles will help cure the “flat ass”front-4-30-09_03 problem most of us guys suffer from. The first style offers a pad that conforms to the shape of your butt and adds just the right amount of curve to your back end. The problem with this type of enhancement is that the pads are often noticeable through whatever types of pants you might be wearing and aren’t the most comfortable. Obviously, at the end of the night, when your pants are on the floor, you may have some explaining to do. My recommendation for rear enhancement are the undies that offer an almost jockstrap like elastic ring that lifts your butt up and makes it more pronounced. It’s almost like giving your ass a shelf on which to rest. Andrew Christian’s flashback line is a perfect example of this kind of rear enhancement. Look for my review on these in a couple of days.

For those of us that are looking for a little help up front, or maybe just want your package to be more pronounced, you have a few more options. Many types of frontal enhancement undies can be very uncomfortable for some guys. If you get a pair of enhancement undies and they are uncomfortable, make sure you don’t continue to wear them as they might cause more 1223-White-Backdamage than the appearance of a bigger bulge is worth.

The “sling” style of frontal enhancement underwear has a “loop” of elastic/fabric that can be adjusted to fit your package. It brings your penis and sack together and lifts them up and out, giving the illusion of a bigger package. This is much the same way a cock-ring works. This style is great if you are going to be active, as your package is always presented forward. One example of this is C-IN2’s No Show Army Trunk with Sling Support.

Another type of frontal enhancement underwear is the oversized pouch. This style is very similar to any other pouched type of underwear that you might find online or in the stores. The different is in how the pouch is UG9E_AH465_LMconstructed and placed onto the underwear. In an enhancement pouch pair of undies you will notice that the pouch is larger and there is more room for everything. The pouch has also been moved from the middle of the front of the underwear to just a little above the middle. This once again allows your bulge to sit in the pouch, lifting your “stuff” up and out. I have found this type of enhancement underwear is sometime better fitted in a smaller size. It is easy for your package to fall out if the fabric around the pouch if the material of the legs is not tight enough to the skin. A great pair of this type of enhancement underwear is the Body Tech™ Maximiser Trunk. Very Comfy!

The last type of frontal enhancement undies I am going to cover is the “cup” type of enhancement. This also happens to be my favorite of the types! It combines a pouch and an elastic support panel. Your package fits into the pouch and the elastic panel provides lift, bringing your package up and out. At first, I was a little concerned with how comfortable this would be on the underside of my package. I was pleasantly surprised that if you have a front-4-30-09_02roomy pouch and a soft elastic support panel, it is functional and great for extended and active wear. Andrew Christian’s Show-It collection is a terrific example of this. I can’t wait to try the jock in this collection!

As you can see, there is a ton of options for enhancement underwear for both your front and rear and from cuts that are great to sport on a night out on the town, to cuts that are great for all day wear. Remember that comfort is always important. Don’t think enhancement undies are only for small guys either. With a great pair of enhancement undies, you can boost your confidence and flaunt what you were given. Find your style and let the fun begin.