Our friends over at UnderGear sent us some really great undies to review. We will be posting the Extreme Ring Bikini and Trunk soon. I have the honor of reviewing the Bodytech Line! We got 4 items from Body Tech and I will be reviewing 3 of them.

The pair I’m reviewing today is the Zonic Brief. When I saw these on the site, I thought they were really cool. I love the color and the designs and are really fun to me! I thought they looked like nylon spandex, but when I got them, I noticed something different. The leg openings didn’t have any elastic. That made me do a double take! I opened it and noticed they weren’t spandex, but 100% nylon. I was so excited. I love nylon undies and I will say they are kind of a “love it or hate it” type of underwear.

Nylon undies don’t stretch much and they are made to fit. I have loved nylon undies since I was young. Some of the earliest ones I had were 100% nylon. Of course. I was excited about trying them. As I mentioned above, they are pretty much all or nothing. If they are too small, then you will know it right away, and if they are too big, the support is out the window. These were made perfectly, unlike the nylon undies of my youth, primarily because they had a great pouch. I was surprised that the previous ones were regular cut bikinis or briefs and no pouch.

The color of this (red, white, and blue) was awesome. They are a really fun pair of undies. I wore them for a day and they never lost their shape or made me uncomfortable. I am glad they are making fun and colorful nylon undies again. They are super fun!

As I said, everyone I know who loves undies, either likes or hates nylon. Be prepared if you have never worn any. They are very different from any other undies you are accustomed. Get them on sale if you want to try them and make up your mind. If you know you love Nylon undies, then I highly recommend them. If you’re like me it will remind you of your teens!

Fit:                   4.75

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4.75

Look:                4.75

Daily Wear:       4.75

Overall:            4.8

These briefs were furnished by UnderGear. They can be purchased from their website. They are $19.99, but are on sale for 10.99.  Hurry!  They maybe off sale when you read this! This sale is perfect if you want to try Nylon undies!

NOTE: I couldn’t find these on the site, I tired to get some better pics, but am posting with the Body Tech Solid Brief which has the same design. They are a great design


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