When I opened my latest review pair the other day, I was excited to see this hot number (horrible pun intended) by PiKante. Their 8364 boxer is an eye-catching micro mesh of a 93% Polyester/ 7% Spandex mix that is available in a light blue color with yellow contrast stitching and logo waistband. While I am a fan of logo waistband, the PiKante logo could probably use a little editing as it contains but a chili pepper as the “i” and an underwear-clad male form as the “t” – but that’s just my two cents.

On the day I wore the boxer I found myself doing errands and going to the grocery store.  As they day wore on I found that it felt like the leg had rode up a tad and felt somewhat bunched at my thighs. Much to my surprise when I changed that evening the boxers were not actually bunched at all, I’ll admit it, I have meaty thighs and I believe in my case that the leg openings were a little too snug and that after a full day of errands, I really started to notice it. With that said, there was no chaffing or the like, it was just mildly uncomfortable; however, as comfort is paramount for me in my underwear, that did lead to my fit/daily wear ratings below.

I do however, have to compliment PiKante on the micro mesh that was chosen for the boxer. While it is partly shear, it is very discrete and does not feel like it is revealing too much or letting any part of your anatomy hangout – at least not anymore than it’s well-designed pouch is suppose to. Additionally, sometimes mesh boxers tend to have a flimsy feel to them and I am happy to report that these have a hardy build that definitely holds its own.

Overall, I really wanted to like these boxers, especially because of the color combo, but the leg fit is an issue for me. I hope that it might have just been this pair because I like the other features and would like to wear these more regularly than I will because of the fit.


  • Sturdy construction
  • “Discrete” mesh


  • Snug leg openings


  • Fit – 3
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 3
  • Overall – 4.2

This pair was furnished by PiKante.


I always enjoy getting to review a brand that is new to me and the 9674 Boxer is my first pair from Candyman. Overall, Candyman makes quirky and unique underwear that runs the gambit from colorful designs to costume underwear. The 9674 falls into the colorful category. The bright red boxers feature a black contrast zig-zag stitching and white horizontal lines on the leg panels (The 9674 is also available in a white/black combination).

I wore the 9674 for a vigorous day of errands around town, then out to dinner and overall they were a very comfortable pair. They did have a very small amount of ride-up but because of the short trunk-like cut, it was very minimal and not even noticeable until I was changing at home that evening. Additionally, the 93% Polyester/ 7% Spandex mix made for a very snug yet pleasing fit.

As always, I am happy when a pair of boxers has a nice pouch and the 9674 hit the mark with one that is roomy and offers just enough support. One interesting feature that is not readily noticeable from the pictures, is that the horizontal lines on the leg panels are actually pockets. There is something about this that is somewhat amazing to me as they are constructed in such a way that adds absolutely not extra bulk to the boxer and does not detract from the comfort or clean lines. The only question I have is why? While I could not conceive a reason to do such a thing (as reaching into your pants to take a call my be somewhat awkward in most social situations), the pocket fits an iPhone 5 nicely.

At the end of the day, this is a very solid and comfortable pair of boxers, nothing groundbreaking but I’ll be keeping them on the top of my pile.


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy snug construction
  • Pockets!


  • Pockets?


  • Fit – 5
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 5
  • Overall – 5

Candyman furnished this pair for review.


So, this review is a two-fer because I will be reviewing both the Boxer and Brief of the Andrew Christian RetroPop line with Show-It Tech. Did you catch the last three words of that sentence? Show-It Tech? I don’t have a need for underwear with any “enhancing” features and therefore I normally don’t buy any type of underwear with them. However, as the name suggests, the RetroPop Boxer and Brief have a great retro 70-80s design and I couldn’t resist having a couple pairs. Both the brief and the boxer are made of 100% cotton and are available in limited edition Black/Turquoise, Yellow/Turquoise and Turquoise/Black color combinations.

I have worn both the brief and boxer a lot since I received them. Both for “active” days and just chillin’ on the couch days. I’ve also put them through, what I consider to be the ultimate comfort test on a six hour drive to Ohio for the holidays and I have to admit, they certainly passed the test and are extremely comfortable.

As for the previously mentioned Show-It Tech, it is definitely on the low-end of tech but does a good job on the “Show-It”. Essentially, the underwear features a contour pouch and a rib of fabric that runs under your testicles to slightly lift and cradle your package. This design also provides a nice amount of support not normally present in a traditional boxer or brief. One small caveat with Show-It Tech however is that you should definitely pay attention to the style of pants you are wearing and to what type of event, because with the right pair of pants, it does a great job of “showing it” to the public.

There are a couple of drawbacks that I experienced but luckily they did not detract from the overall positives of these underwear. First, despite being listed has machine-washable online, the tag reads hand-wash. I’ll admit however, I don’t care how much I like a pair of underwear, I will never hand-wash them. Underwear should be easy and attractive so like all my pairs of underwear, I threw them in on the gentle cycle and line dried them. Being 100% cotton, these pairs have come through like a champ.

Also, the sizing seems a little off to me. I purchased an XL which is listed as a 34-36. The waistband was a comfortable fit, however there was definitely extra fabric in the body and seat of the underwear and while this was was not uncomfortable, it was definitely not as form-fitting as on the models. Finally, the construction seems sturdy enough, but I will admit it is slightly wanting however they definitely should not discourage you from buying it.

Overall, I would certainly recommend the RetroPop Boxers and Briefs to anyone – just maybe buy a size down.


  • Awesome retro look
  • Show-It Tech
  • Very Comfortable


  • Wonky sizing
  • Hand-wash “only”

Fit 4
Materials 5
Construction 4
Look 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 4.6

Get your pair at Andrew Christian.

2108 (3)

I am very excited to be reviewing my first pair of boxers for UNB.  Today’s pair is the Front Mesh Boxer from Clever. This pair is made of 94% cotton and 6% spandex blend for a snug fit. These boxers are available in a black/gray and green/black color combinations and feature a comfortable logo waistband. And as the name suggests, the front panels are made of mesh.  I am always a big fan of mesh in undies.

I have worn the Clever Front Mesh Boxer several times since I received them. Personally, I like to put a new pair through the paces and wore this pair both for a relaxing day lounging on the couch and some busy days around town where I spent my time on and off the metro, walking all over the city and taking a couple sit-down meetings for good measure.

With that said I must admit that I’m a bit torn about this pair. The snugness that I previously mentioned is a double-edged sword. The seat felt a little too snug, like I was always on the verge of (and please forgive the crude terminology) a wedgie and they tend to ride up on the legs just a tad and the snugness meant they did not return when I stood up. This was especially noticeable when I was lounging around my house; however, when I wore them on my more active days, I did not notice the wedgie or riding up. Not too say this snugness is all negative because this pair made my ass look amazing – seriously, I received comments.

Another detail that deserves further mention is the mesh front. As usual when mesh is used in undergarments, this promoted great circulation and kept all the equipment cool on the days that I found myself running for the train. The mesh was comfortable like a pair of comfortable basketball shorts, and while it is definitely noticeable, it isn’t so bad that I would avoid wearing them to the gym. Additionally, the construction is also very sturdy which can sometimes be lacking with mesh.

Overall, I still find myself in the middle of this review. They looked amazing but weren’t always the most comfortable which to me is a big factor.


  • Great construction
  • Made my butt look awesome
  • Eye-catching


  • The seat was too snug
  • Ride up on legs


  • Fit – 3
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 3
  • Overall – 4.2

Clever furnished this pair for review

When I opened the package of these Baskit Yellow Utility Boxer Briefs, I was visually surprised to see a pair of boxers in this color that I wouldn’t otherwise come close to considering.  However, this shade of yellow is actually attractive and it is supported by a dark grey waistband and trimming around the legs.  Likewise, this pair offers a pouch which is also represented in solid white and lends itself to an open fly.   While I’m not a huge fan of boxer briefs, I found this pair to be extremely comfortable and functional with the open fly which is unusual today with most briefs and trunks.

Their first test run included wearing throughout the workday while on vacation.  This included a full day of walking and hiking the coastline beaches in Southern California.  During the course of the day, I couldn’t believe the amazingly comfortableness this pair offered with a snug fit around the legs, helping to keep them in place.  The waistband, sporting the company’s logo, and the dark grey trimming around the legs is what really grants these boxers a real visual appeal.   With a blend of fabrics, which includes 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, this construction makes for a breathable and flexible pair of sexy underwear.

As shown in the picture above, the front pouch is a solid material with the repeated dark grey strip and functional fly.   The pouch is constructed with additional fabric to create a pocket and enhance your package while remaining attractive and comfortable.  It’s clear that Baskit is an expert when it comes to design, functionally, and the ability to create something new, inventive, and esthetically appealing.

If you’re like me, when it comes to underwear in general, I don’t want to be bothered with a boxer that will not stay in place and continues to ride up the leg.  Having a pair that eliminates this worry and provides something attractive for the eyes is what investing in quality underwear is all about.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.5
Materials: 4.5
Construction: 4.0
Look: 4.0
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.3

These briefs were provided by Baskit and can be purchased

One thing that you’ll soon discover about me is that I have a twisted, unexplainable, quirky sense of humor.  Needless to say, when my second opportunity to review a new pair of undies arrived, Tribe generated a lot of initial thoughts.  The mere word conjures up the idea of intrusive missionaries who have been captured and tied to stakes, engulfed in flames while surrounded by half-naked pigmies protecting their tribe.  Therefore, I had high expectations that this kelly green pair of Tribe boxer briefs would live up to the wild and uninhibited image the company’s name conveys.

Let me start by saying that these are the most comfortable and light-weight boxer briefs I’ve sported in quite some time.  Their first test run included wearing them at work all day and then to the gym in the afternoon.  Throughout the day, I couldn’t believe the amazingly cool and comfy feelings this pair offered while still holding its shape.  The waistband and elastic around the legs stayed in place despite the extremely soft and diverse blend of fabrics, including 94% polyester, 6%elastane, and 100% modal lining

This Modal / Polyester pair falls within Tribe’s Short Boxer line and it’s perfect for the active guy as these are designed to hold you in all the right places.  Per the Australian based company, this blend is ideal for the gym as it has 50% more moisture regain and air flow than cotton.  Modal will not pill, is anti-crease, and will retain its brilliant color.  Some noticeable detailing includes the Tribe logo that is front and centered at the top of the waistband.  Double stitching runs around the entire waist and down the center of the pouch in addition to around the bottom of each leg lending to a well balanced and symmetrical esthetic.

While I don’t care to join those missionaries back at the camp anytime soon, I do feel my inner tribal instincts surface every time I slip into these well fitting, sporty boxer briefs.

Fit 4.0
Materials 4.5
Construction 4.0
Look 3.5
Daily Wear 4.0
Overall 4.0

These briefs were provided by Tribe and can be purchased at their website,


I am back! I know that it has been a while since I wrote an underwear review. I am sure it had something to do with leaving Atlanta and moving to Washington, D.C. and just not having a free moment to do anything but eat and sleep. Now that I am settled I am here to stay. So if you want to chat about underwear, swimwear, etc. and 41 AC Boxer1you live in or around the DC, look me up!

I was asked to review the new Andrew Christian Shock Jock boxers. I am sure you all have heard of Andrew Christian at the very least. Hopefully you know them better and sport a pair of their undies every so often. I myself am a big fan of their work, both their underwear and their swimwear. The AC Shock Jock line is one of their newest. The Shock Jock line is meant to enhance the male frontal area to the EXTREME. So in laymen’s terms increasing the visual look/size of your package. Now I am sure you are saying, wait….they have done this already with the Show-It line and the Almost-Naked line of underwear and swimwear. But the Shock Jock line takes it to the next level. The Shock Jock boxer features a hidden padded cup in the frontal part of the boxers to help shape and enhance the front “package” of a man; creating the perfect bulge. The hidden cup adds up to 2 inches (5 cm) onto your measurement.

Now personally, I don’t need any package enhancement. So I was actually worried that the boxers would be too tight because of the extra padded cup. But I was totally wrong. The padded cup was very comfortable and didn’t 42 AC Boxer 2cause any sort of cramped feeling throughout the day. There were several times throughout the day that I was very surprised by how comfortable the boxers were and how I totally forgot about the padded cup being there.

Due to my relocation I gained some weight so the large boxers that I reviewed were a bit snug, but regardless of that, they fit well. I feel that an extra large would be roomier but going up a size wouldn’t be the best way to solve my size issue. The solution to that is the gym, LOL. The material was soft and the waistband didn’t irritate me, showing that AC uses high quality materials.

In conclusion, I feel that the Andrew Christian Shock Jock boxers are very comfortable and do a great job of creating the perfect bulge that will get the stares you are looking for. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you need/want to get into a pair of boxers, briefs or a jockstrap that takes package enhancement to the next level, then you have to check out the Andrew Christian website at The boxers run $32 and the jock and briefs are between $25 and $29. All three styles come in 5 great colors.

Andrew Christian provided the boxers I have reviewed.


Boxers are one thing we haven’t covered much here, and we’re glad we got the information about Sunspel England. Sunspel England is one of England’s oldest underwear companies. They have been around since 1860. Which would make you think they are very conservative, but their underwear has some very contemporary styling’s andcellularsingletshorts-1 colors.

One thing that you should know is that the company was one of the suppliers of clothing to the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Not only did they supply underwear, but t-shirts and polo shirts as well.  So you have seen some of their clothing and not realized it.

The James Bond movie may not be the only place you’ve seen them and not realized it was Sunspel England. I have posted above the infamous Levi’s commercial featuring Nick Kamen. It’s the one where he goes into the Laundromat, strips to his boxers and washes his clothes. It has been seen all over the world, and one of the most memorable commercials of all time.

This moves us to the modern day, where their line consist of: T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, 007 classicfit2Polo, Superfine Underwear, Thermal Underwear, Cellular Underwear, Classic Boxers, Seasonal Boxers, Roll Necks, Swimming Shorts, Box Sets and Sleepwear

The one thing that strikes us with Sunspel England is its classical styling’s. They do sell things other then boxers, such as briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. The underwear has clean lines and solid colors. All of the underwear are made from 100% of the finest cotton, this includes Egyptian cotton. Which means it feels very good against your skin.

What they are known for are their boxers. Which as I said we haven’t posted much them on this site. The Classic Boxers come in plain, checked, striped, long cut and full cut boxers. If you like boxers, you may want to check out the traditional styling’s Sunspel offers. There are no wild patterns or designs. These would woollongjohns-1look great under a suit.

They also produce certain seasonal boxers. The one that really caught my eye was the pink check boxer. These are great for wearing under suits or every day wear. The boxers are made very well and made out of quality materials.

If you like boxers you should give Sunspel a try. They aren’t the kind you will find in discount stores. They cost a bit more but should hold up for years of wear. If boxers aren’t you thing check out the Superfine and Cellular lines.