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We are back for another show! Our main topic is why is it that brands for bigger guys produce more boxer briefs than briefs, thongs, bikinis, or jocks? Me and Stevie feel there should be more of a market for skimpier styles. We also talk about swimwear and some topics for new shows. 


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This Brief Tale we are joined by model Cayman Cardiff. He’s a licensed massage therapist, personal trainer, and pre-med student. You may have seen him on Instagram, we got a chance to get to know him a little better! This up and coming model is doing amazing work in the world of underwear and fashion, he also has a very good head on his shoulders! It was so much fun talking to him and getting to know him better. One thing that I thought was amazing is he’s taking up aerial work! 

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We are joined by BoatInRob, from Instagram. He’s a real guy who embraces his body and body type. However, that doesn’t stop him from wearing super skimpy underwear and swimwear. He’s an amazing guy that I’m sure will inspire so many of our listeners. It was a super fun convo Stevie and I had with him. We hope to get him back on the show and talk some more. 

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We kick off this show with something that happened to Stevie. In Sept another IG account posted his pic and a person wrote ugly comments about it. The owner of that account went public with the comments and asked pole to be civil. We share our opinions and make this a personal show, if it was a sit com in the 80’s it would be a very special episode. 

Feel free to give us your feedback on this episode! 

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All guys deserve amazing underwear. Tim & Stevie are here to talk about being beefy guys and our love of underwear. We are all over the board for this show but are going to talk about all things that affect bigger guys. We have some great plans for the show and look forward to doing more shows soon. Give us feed back especially if you’re a beefy guy!


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